Monday, August 30, 2010

Buzz B

One of the things I disliked the most about the little baby phase was nail trimming. It scared me to death. I even made my sister come over when my babies were tiny to either help me or do it for me. I didn't want to hurt them...or they were always awake and moving...or they were asleep and God forbid I woke them. So here is the solution. The BUZZ B!!
Buzz B is a battery operated nail trimmer. It safely trims nails with a gentle yet effective oscillating action. The cushioned pads are specially designed for baby’s nails so it won’t harm surrounding skin. With two different power settings, parents can control the speed. Buzz B includes 1 AA battery, 4 different pads of varying textures (2 infant / 2 toddler) and a compact case for easy portability or storage.
My sweet friends that have a stores in the Nebraska area were at market with me when we found this little guy. She had her twins with her so we tried it out and they LOVED it. They were just 10 months old and thought the Buzz-B was great. So give it a try...Your baby will thank you!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


That's right success. Sleep is so important...and when you finally find something that works, something that makes that baby sleep...the JOY inside is unexplainable. The words "you feel like a new woman" don't even get it all in. So my best friend Jennifer has a sweet sweet new baby. Riley is not sleeping super well and isn't a fan of swaddling. I had another great friend (Ashley Harris) whose baby boy pulled this little trick. So what do you to with a baby that doesn't want to swaddle. Unfortunately I didn't find this wonderful blanket until it was too late for the Harris family. There sweet little boy was already too big, but the Schmidts will benefit from my research. The Swaddle Pod by Summer Infant is amazing!!! Here is Jennifer's Blog so you can see sweet Riley all bundled up. The Swaddle Pod allows baby to move but doesn't let them jerk in their sleep. So Riley still feels safe and cosy but not restrained. I still highly recommend swaddling but if it just isn't working try a swaddle pod!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MusikGarten. We are so excited to have you.

A good friend of mine, Sarah, has brought a wonderful program to Wichita Falls. Emma and I were involved in a similar class from 18 months to 3. We still sing some of the songs we learned and have taught them to Henry as well. It was a great time for she and I to be together. Now we have the same opportunity with Sarah and MusikGarten.

Musikgarten is an internationally acclaimed sequential music and development program for children beginning at birth. The program opens and develops your child’s inborn joy and talent for making music. Early childhood is a time of rapid growth and brain development, an optimal time to start your child’s musical journey! We are excited to announce that this program is available right here at our church.
Family music for babies and toddlers will be offered in the fall beginning September 15th at First United Methodist Church. Family Music for Babies (ages newborn to 18 months) – Play musically with your baby through bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-book games, dancing, moving and singing. Music play activities are designed to increase your child’s curiosity about music, to develop listening skills and a sense of beat, and to establish the foundation for singing and musical thought.
Family Music for Toddlers (ages 16 months to 3 ½ years) – Participate with your toddler in singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening and playing simple instruments while developing a strong musical bond with your child. Through activities that bridge the natural connection between music and movement, your child’s musical aptitude and listening abilities are enhanced and further developed. Visit MusikGarten to register for the fall. For more information on the program contact Sarah Fukasawa at 224-1221 or musikgartenwichitafalls@gmail. You can also pick up are card and schedule at StorkLand.
To all those mommy's that do register StorkLand has a special surprise just for you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PhotoEMotion For our Wichita Falls Customers!

This sweet lady holds a dear place in my heart. She has been a part of my family for 5 years!!! Capturing all my family's most special moments. And now she is bringing her incredible talent to our StorkLand Wichita Falls family.
On September 24th and 25th
Apts every ten minutes.
No Sitting Fee
Picture packages starting at just $30.00
She will set up the tires in the back outside. Please call and book your apt today. There are only 14 spots. 940-766-1234!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Wee Squeak Shoe Styles

I have to tell you the story behind these shoes. We were at market 5 years ago the first time we saw these. A couple of cute little kids were running around market hall with these on. The first day it was cute by the 5th day I thought I was going to pull my hair out. We decided not to purchase them for the store. Then a few weeks later a friend of mine that used to own a baby store in Dallas (Shelby's stuff we miss you) sent Emma a pair and told me that these shoes were HUGE for her. I couldn't believe it. So one morning sitting in the bathroom floor I put them on Emma. She stood up and took a few steps. Looked down at her feet and literally slapped her knee and started thing I knew she took off running down the hall. Well we were hooked. I soon realized the GREAT benefit of these shoes. I could find Ms. E anywhere in the house not to mention if we went shopping. It was GREAT!!! When Ms. E finally out grew the brand she literally cried. And for about a year every time we would buy shoes she would say "Do they squeak?" These shoes have been the most successful shoe line we have every carried. Hands down!!! They fit ALL feet and the squeaks are removable. Sometimes when we would go to a nice restaurant or to church I would remove the squeaks so we didn't disturb anyone around us.
So now you know the story and it is time to come and get some of your own. Here are the newest styles that just came in this week. TOO CUTE!!!
Oh and did I mention they are just $29.99New crystal FlowersAnd yes a new one for boys these loafers...Mr. H will have these!!!Now these are so great. Soft cute brown flower with pink/brown/or mustard. The mustard are my favorite!!!New boots. Who needs Uggs? These are the new tweed flowers. LOVE'em!A little better pic of the crystal...

Thank you so much to our loyal worries guys we will ship you even in Japan.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Over the past year I have had a couple of requests for these in the Wichita Falls location. They are shorts to wear under a dress or skirt when out on the play ground (monkeybars) or sitting st circle time. So now I have a rep that has the line. Who wants them? What colors! What sizes? If we get enough interest we will bring them in.

This is actually a picture my rep supplies me of how another store displays her's

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Coats, Coats, and More Coats

This is our second year to get these coats. They always FLY out the door!!! So I wanted to give everyone a chance to know that they are HERE and going quickly!!!
Coats start in 12m-10 $34.99



This last one is a Corky's Coat and it is $69.99 Right now we only have the 12-24 month but we have coats from this company coming all the way to size 6X. We are already pre-selling these so if you want one come in and put your name down.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back To School

Check it out!!! Our newest commercial.

Tons of new fall clothes have just arrived as well as nap mats, Back Packs, Lunch Boxes, Clip Boards, Note Books, Penny Pals, Smencils, and so much more. Let us make your back to school COOL!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Every little one needs a TeePee

The other day we shot a commercial and I had our kids at the store for several hours. Ages 8-2. I couldn't keep them out of this TeePee. They had such a ball playing and hiding in here. At first I hadn't thought that I would order one for the house but now I have totally changed my mind. They fold up so easily for storage (which is always one of my first concerns--I am OCD) They come in several different fabrics. One of the cutest is the sock monkey's and they are just $129.97. What a great birthday or Christmas Present. Don't forget we have lay a way available so get a head start on your shopping this year. Your little Indians will thank you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life Saver!

We spent the past couple of days with our wonderful cousins at the beach. We had so much fun. We left Wednesday afternoon around 3 and didn't arrive until almost 1:00am. The drive should only take about 8 hours but you know how many times you need to stop with little ones in the car. Just before we headed out I found this in my garage. I thought what the heck lets give it one more try. You see when Ms. E was about 3 I bought these for the store. Needless to say there were not good sellers. Ms. E was not excited about having this on her lap at all. So in the garage it went and I honestly forgot all about them.
I am so glad we tried this again. Ms. E LOVED it. Now she is 6 and she probably would have liked it over a year ago but like I said I forgot all about it. She used it to color, play on her DSi, eat snacks, and hold her movies. (that was her favorite part)
  • The tray is soft but supportive. The reason it is so soft is so that if you were in an accident it would not injure your child.
  • The pockets on the sides are deep. Which is great for sippy cups or water bottles. (Way better than the cup holders that come with your carseats)
  • It folds up small and fits right back into the bag it comes in so that it can store under the seat easily.
  • There is a strap that you can secure it around your child if they are small and have trouble keeping it in their laps but we didn't need that.
  • There are raised sides. That is the best feature. Toys, crayons, snacks, etc don't go rolling onto the floor. GENIUS!!!
So here is my question to you all. Should we bring these back in? Would you want one for your little guys?
Again, Ms. E wants you to know that her favorite part was that it held her touch so she didn't have to when she was watching her movies.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Flowers from Head to Toe!

Are these not the CUTEST things you have ever seen. They are called Toe Blooms. We just got them in and I have to give props to my Dad. He bought these at market without me. I know I know...can you believe it. He did have a little help from our NINFRA friends. These come in so many different styles I couldn't possible post them all so I tried to pick a variety to give you a good idea that you can find a pair to match any special outfit. They are $24.99. Your baby needs these. I can't wait to see the cute pictures of our babies feet that start popping up with these...Now you have a flowers from Head to Toes!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Huggalugs ARE HERE!!!

Are these not the CUTEST things ever. I think they are so versatile for our area. You know those mornings in the fall where it is SO cold when you leave the house but then 75 in the afternoon. I just never know how to dress my kiddo's. Huggalugs are going to help so much. I can throw a pair on legs/arms with shorts or a short sleeve top, then when it gets to warm we can strip them and be ready to go. Not to mention they are SO SO SO CUTE!!! Huggalugs are great for protecting those little knees when baby starts crawling all over the place.
They start at 11.99-14.99.
Infant to Big Kid one size fits all!
Boy and girl styles.