Thursday, October 11, 2012

Knot Genie

  1. Check out what we just got in....This is a Miracle Brush!!! One for mom's hands...and one for kiddo's...Pair this with our Hip Peas De-tangling Spray and No more morning melt downs.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Naut Bag

So I have a new favorite.....Do I say that too much?  Well even if I do, I always truly mean it and this is no exception.  So here's the story behind my new favorite.  A few months ago I had a phone call from a nice woman asking me if she could come and show me a new diaper bag.  I did everything but bar the door to keep these ladies from coming to see me.  I told them my Open to Buy was closed...that I wasn't really leave samples at my OKC store.  (I know I sound terrible but I honestly get some many people with wonderful products I just can't buy them all....)
 So the day finally arrives and 2 wonderfully inventive women present me with the Naut Bag.  I was very skeptical at the beginning of the presentation.  I asked every hard question I could think of and there was a great answer to them all.  This is the ultimate day trip diaper bag. 
First and doesn't look like a diaper bag.  It looks like a very fashion forward runway bag.  The fabrics are high end and make you feel beautiful. 
2nd this is a messenger style bag.  It hangs lower on your body and can be fit to all body shapes by adjusting the knot at the top.  This style of bag totally frees up mommy's hands.  Most messenger bags are so masculine but not the Naut bag...this is an accessory with functionality. 
3rd. Functionality.  The liner inside does not go all the way to the point of the bag so you wont loose any of your important goodies to the abyss of the bottom of your bag.  There are 5 elasticized pockets on the inside for great organization:  2 wide for diapers and wipes, and 3 more narrow for sunglasses, bottles, cell phones, etc.  And there is a great secret pocket in the strap of the bag up closer to the shoulder for easy, quick access to your keys, phone, or paci. 
4th. You can dry clean this bad boy....How many diaper bags can you actually do that with....They showed me a dirty bag and then one that had been dry cleaned and the clean up wonderful. 

Before our meeting was over not only had I purchased these bags for the store but I had bought one of the samples they brought for myself.  I LOVE IT.  I never feel like my purse is in my way.  When I grocery shop now I don't even put my bag in the cart.  My Naut Bag is so comfortable and cute I don't hardly even remember I have it on.  Come and check one out for yourself. 
You will be so glad you did. 
Thanks Naut Girls!!!
We currently carry this bag only in our Wichita Falls store but are happy to send it to either of our other 2 locations.