Monday, July 27, 2009

Time Out!!!

I am a firm believer in the Time Out practice. Like I have said before we have 3 kiddo's. Alex who is 12 has enjoyed years of the Time Out. Emma who is 5 honestly hasn't had that many but she defiantly knows what they are and Henry (1) isn't quite ready but of the 3 I am sure he will frequent this spot the most. In our house we have a time out corner. Everyone knows which corner to go to when we say Time Out.
Now this is a new product that I think is too cool. This time out pad allows for time outs to be portable but also has some familiarity. You can role this pad up and take it anywhere with you in your diaper bag. Your child will know when that pad comes out where they are going to sit and stay. Sometimes it is hard to administer discipline in an unfamiliar place this is your solution.
As for using this at home again it is great. You set the pad for the recommended 1 min per year of age and you can walk away and get a little laundry folded, blogging or phone call done. If the child gets up before they are signaled to an "alarm" will sound notifying you that you've got a runner. When they complete their time they are release with a audible notification that they are done.

The only thing I would add to this great product is that when Time Out is over I strongly believe that a child should be reminded of what the offense was that got them a time out and then they must apologize. A hug and a kiss completes the incident.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Garage Sale Items

Here are more items for our Garage Sale on Saturday.

Regular price for the Toy box is 169.95 on sale for 104.50
Regular price for the table and stools is 269.95 on sale for 165.00

Ravena Combo and Hutch Sold as a set reg price 1174.94 on sale for $720.50

Artist Combo and Hutch Reg Price 979.94 on sale for 577.50

Generation Next Snowdrift Grand Armoire Reg Price 699.97 on sale for 462.00

Artist Slide Door Chest Regular Price 699.97 on sale for 418.00

Ravena Chest of Drawers 659.97 on sale for 401.50

Best Chair Glider and ottman sold as a set for 399

Cocoon 3000 Espresso Wardrobe reg price 769.97 on sale for 399

Ocean Glacier Dressing Station 659.97 on sale for 396.00

Cocoon 3000 chest in espresso reg price 699.97 on sale for 396.00

Ravena Convertible Crib Reg price 629.97 on Sale for 385.00

Generation Next Snowdrift 7 Drawer Chest Reg. Price 579.97 on sale for 385.00

Ocean Espresso Chest Reg price 599.97 on sale for 363.

Best Chair Glider and Ottoman on sale as a set for 349.00

Cocoon 3000 crib in Espresso $349.97

Ocean Glacier Crib Reg Price559.97 on sale for 341.00

Ocean Dressing Station in Espresso reg price 569.97 on sale for 341.00

Generation Next SnowDrift Convertable Crib Reg. Price 599.97 on sale for 341.00

Summers Evening Cherry Convertable Crib reg price 489.97 on sale for 302.50

Best Chair Glider and Ottoman sold as a set for 299.00

Best Chair Glider 299.00

Best Chair Glider 289.00. This picture does not do this chair justice. It is brown with blue polka dots. TOO CUTE!

Artist Chest Reg Price 499.97 on sale for 286.00

Ocean Crib in Espresso Reg Price 459.97 on sale for 275.00

Ocean Chest reg price 429.97 on sale for 247.50

Bonavita Crib reg 449.97 on sale for 199

Generation Next Snow Drift Nightstand reg price 299.97 on sale for 194.00

Ravena Night Stand Reg Price 299.97 on sale for 187.00

Artist Night Stand Reg. Price 219.97 on sale for 132.00

Sheffield Rustic Cherry Night Stand reg price 349.97 on sale for 99.00

Armoire Top 99.00

Armoire Top 99.00

Sports Toy Chest and Hamper sold as a set for 49.00

Ravena Hutch 49.00

Generation Next White Hutch 49.00

Glass shelves $15 per set

Summers Evening White Hutch 29.99

Infinity Ebony and Chestnut Hutch 29.99

Gift Wrap Wrack 19.99

Fixture $15.00

White 4 Drawer $15.00



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Garage SALE!!!

We are having a garage sale on Saturday 25th from 8:00am-2:00pm at the Old Parker Square location. This is LAST CALL we have to be out of our building soon. We have floor samples for sale and store fixtures as well as TONS of accessories for $0.25-$5:00. You don’t want to miss this. If you want any of these pieces before then give Doug, Vikki, or Anne a call at 940-766-1234. There is lots more. Hopefully I will have time to post. You can also check out Craigs list.

Graco Swing $49.97

Generation Next Amber Hutch $49.97

Infinity Chestnut Crib $199.97

Serenity Crib in Amber $199.97

Office Desk $15.00

Metal Desk $25.00

7-14 model $25.00

natural Chest of Drawers $79.97


Glass Fixtures $15.00



Generation OAK Chest $99.97

Rounders $9.99


LOTS of 4 ways all different shapes $9-$15


Coffee Table. $15.00