Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Friend Sophie

Before you start laughing just give me a chance to explain. Sophie Giraffe is our newest teether and I promise you are going to LOVE it!!! Yes I know it looks like a dog toy, and yes I know it is a little more expensive then the RazBerry. But I promise she is worth every penny. To prove it. I am sending out an email today with a coupon for Sophie. So if you don’t get my emails let me know so I can sign you up.

Here is how Sophie made her way to StorkLand. A good friend of mine works at a store similar to ours in Sacramento, CA. She swears by Sophie and has for quite a while. Finally she talked me into brining in just a dozen. And I quote “Anne, that is not enough and you will be begging for more.” Boy was she right. When they came in I took one home to Henry. HE LOVES HER. She is our car toy now. She stays in the car and every time we get in he is so excited to get his hands and teeth on her. There are so many places for him to hold on to her-legs, neck, head, etc. She also squeaks. Henry thinks that is so funny. Especially when he bites her head and shakes her from side to side. Who am I kidding—I think it is hilarious too!!! I promise this is not an item to be missed. We got Sophie when Henry was just a couple of months old and now he is 15 months old. She has a lot of longevity to her.
Ok…So now you know about Sophie. She is a great toy, great teether, great gift. Now print your coupon from your email and come in and get one. Henry promises you will love her!!!

Sophie does have her own story. She was born in France in 1961, and she quickly became a popular gift item for newborn babies, soft, light and easy to grasp, she is perfect for little hands and makes a happy squeal when squeeked. Babies find her bumpy head quite soothing to their teething gums. She is 7” high. She is made in the French Alps with natural rubber and non-toxic paint. Sophie has been safely cuddled for over 40 years! She’s a French national Treasure!
Thanks Ruth, you were right I did need to blog about Sophie. Thanks for reading

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just How Dirty are Shopping Carts?
ABC News reports that shopping cart handles have more germs than public restrooms! According to researches from the University of Arizona, shopping carts are "loaded with more saliva, bacteria and even fecal matter than escalators, public telephones, and even public bathrooms". Their suggestion - wash your hands, wash your baby's hands and invest in a shopping cart cover.

Every time I go to the grocery store or out to eat we always have our shopping cart/highchair cover with us. It makes me feel so much better to know that Henry is touching our clean things rather than what others have touched, sneezed on, licked or worse. I know it is my job as his mommy to do whatever possible to keep him healthy.

Tips to Stay Healthy this Flu Season
The CDC's website suggests these steps:
Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze
Wash your hands and your child's hands with soap and water
Use hand sanitizer
Avoid contact with those who are sick

If you or your child does get sick, do stay home to prevent spreading germs
Itzy Ritzy's Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover is a great way for your customers to protect their little ones from germs. The cover acts as a barrier between their children and the germ-filled surfaces of shopping carts (both single and double) and restaurant high chairs.

All of the Itzy Ritzy Products are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. They are also reversible. Itzy Ritzy makes an infant car seat cover, toddler car seat cover, and the Peek a Boo Pod as well as the Shopping cart/High Chair Cover.

This Peek a boo pod is one of my favorite new products from the ABC show. I always kept a blanket of the kids carriers to keep the wind. sun, or strangers away. The Peek a Boo Pod is perfect for just that. It is light weight so you don't have to worry about them getting over heated. The sun and wind are kept away and it is hard for people to get in and love and touch all their nasty germs all over your baby. You will love this. Again great fabrics to choose from.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dust off your boots

One of our most frequent questions about bedding is do you have any western. Well of course we do, but honestly there hasn't been anything NEW in a long time. Well here it is. Round em up by CoCalo has just arrived at all 3 StorkLand and Kids' Too loctions. I think this set is so cute. You can definatly use this for your little cowgirl or cowboy and don't forget crib bedding will fit a toddler bed as well. So remember MaMa's Cowboys don't take baths they just dust off before they jump into this comfy new set.

Round em up comes as a 6pc set. Comforter, Bumper, Sheet, Dust Ruffle, Diaper Stacker and Valance for $156.99


Soothing Comfort Balm
Mustella has released a new product specifically designed for newborns, babies and children. This Moisturizing Chest Rub with a purifying scent will help ease breathing discomfort as well as sooth and relax baby to sleep.
Ingredients of natural origin, a combination of chamomile, shea butter, and honey & lime extract soothe and moisturize
Aromachology scents of pine and rosemary ease breathing discomfort
Hypoallergenic, colorant-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, terpene-free (no camphor, menthol, or eucalyptus) and no essential oils

No Baby can use VICKS but EVERY BABY CAN USE


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're Going BANANA's

The Baby Banana Brush is back and he has got a friend, The Baby Banana Teether. I love this product. Some of you may know that my Emma has had a little trouble with her teeth. It has been a long learning process for all of us. And while I know there is nothing I could have done to prevent it. Oral health is extremely important in our home.
• Flexible banana shape decreases risk of mouth injury if baby falls• Safer than hard plastic toothbrushes.• Fun ‘a-peel-ing’ design and easy to grasp handle.• Develops good hygiene habits earlier; Prevents cavities.• Latex free, Non-allergenic.• BPA, phthalate, and lead free.• 100% silicone – Freezer & dishwasher safe.
I love the teether because the "peel" handles are easy to hold on to as well as act as in insertion guard to keep the baby from choking.
TIP FROM ME: Start with this product early. Let the baby play and teeth on it. (I let Henry have it when I ham changing his diaper. It keeps him busy while I get him all cleaned up) Lay them down and practice opening their mouth and letting you tickle their gums and tongue. This will help get them ready for their first dental cleaning. As a mom who has a child that is terrified this has REALLY helped us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally BOB is on his way

After years of begging and pleading StorkLand is now going to be a BOB dealer. I cannot explain to you how excited I am about this new partnership. Doug and I have looked at Bob strollers for years and just never took the leap.

If you will recall in August we had friends from other stores like ours come to visit. They could not beleive we didn't carry BOB. My special friends from Kids Stuff Super Store took pity on me and shipped me a revolution the next week. Well we sold a duelie with in a couple of days and OKC has done the same. So now we had no choice but to bring them into the store. They shipped yesterday. I can't wait for them to arrive.

You may be asking what is a BOB well let me tell you.

The BOB revolution is a stroller for all. It goes any where: shopping, strolling, off roading, running, the rodeo, the flee maket, the farm, the park, the fair grounds. You name it the BOB can handle it.
The Bob features:

Frame Design-aircraft grade aluminum-
· bob tubing is 48% stronger than the competitors
· front frames are fully welded
· 3 inches of adjustable suspension, (1st position child up to 50lbs, 2nd position for running or heavier child(70lbs))
· foot activated rear parking break
· 2 step fold-red leavers at handle bar fold in half then red handle under seat brings stroller down
· use safety leash to lock
· all wheels come off on quick release,
Guaranteed Wheel Tracking-
360 degree swivel front wheel
Steel ball bearings used in swivel as opposed to plastic
Lock front wheel for running
Silver dial at front wheel allows for tracking adjustment
Seat and Harness
Rip style fabric that is treated to be water and stain resistant
Seat is padded with close cell foam
Foam will not absorb liquid and odors
Seats have 2 reclines 45 and 70 degrees
5pt Harness system that is padded at shoulders and waist
2 pockets in the seat for child’s drink, toys, and snacks
Pocket behind the seat
Large Basket underneath
One of the Largest and most protective canopies available on the market
Canopy is infinitely adjustable with strap
Large viewing window
Safari slap allows for added protection when reclining
Reflective material on hood
Independently adjustable canopies
Independently reclining seats
Folds the same way as single
Car seat adapter available-comes with 2 snack trays ( only accommodates one car seat)
Car seat Adapter accommodates most brands also comes with snack tray
Will fold with this installed
Handle Bar Console-2 cup holders and zippered pocked for keys and cell phone

Fashion in Motion

Graco has out done themselves this year. (With the help of several very talented NINFRA members) The new specialty store fabric are to die for. Every couple of years they really get this right and this is our year. Here are a couple of sneak peak pictures of what is to come. Please pay attention to the

estimated delivery dates I can not get these items before this date.

This is Lilly, she is scheduled to deliver in December. This pattern is a dear rich chocolate brown paired with a beautiful pink/coral. Lilly will come in a swing, high chair, metrolite stroller, snugride 35 (infant carrier) and a travel light bedroom bassinet.

The travel light bedroom bassinet is my FAVORITE piece. I had one of these with Henry and it is the perfect size. It is basically a mini pack n play. It is a larger than a bassinet so it can be used longer and can still fit through a door way. It has wheels so that you can easily maneuver it from room to room. The travel light come with a bassinet level as well as the traditional lower pack n play level. It is super compact for easy travel. You will LOVE IT!!!

Zoey is my absolute favorite new addition. There is No Date yet for delivery but it will probably be in January. The is a classic black high grade fabric that has been tattooed with a beautiful white embellishment. Zoey is finished off fuchsia trim. This pattern is available in a metrolite and SnugRide 5pt Front Adjust Car Seat, Graco Pedic, boot, head support,harness covers. At this time there are no plans to offer this in any other pieces.

Last but defiantly not least is Maddox. We are scheduled to receive Maddox in December. I love these fabrics it is modern but whimsical at the same time. This set will easily transition from boy to girl or girl to boy. The picture does not do the colors justice. Click on the image to enlarge it. There color is a cafe base with sea mist/cream and a hint of yellow.