Thursday, December 31, 2009

We Are Open

Both OKC and Wichita Falls will be open tomorrow from 10-4. Bring your family, bring the kids and come and see us. We are waiting to help you. We are family owned and family focused!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Splish Splah Time to take a Bath

I am SO EXCITED about this new addition to StorkLand. I have loved this tub for the past 2 years but finally the price has come down so that it is reasonable for our area. You can get this beauty for just $39.99. It is made of a soft foam that cradles baby just perfectly in your sink. It stores flat and dries fast. This will save your back, neck, and knees from straining over the tub. No more big plastic tubs that leak and drain in all the wrong places. This is GREAT!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009


ALL Fall and Winter Dresses
30% OFF
All Fall and Winter Sportswear
20% OFF
Both in Tyler and Wichita Falls

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wet Happens

A while back I wrote a blog entitled "How Dirty Are They" it was about shopping cart covers. I like the Itzy Ritzy Covers and I also covered a couple of their other products : Car Seat covers and the Peek A Boo Pod. Now I want to talk about the Wet Happens. This product came in so handy for me the other day. Mr. H had a well....lets say...a BAD diaper. I had to change his clothes and the dirty ones were WAY to bad to put back into my bag. I was so glad I had a wet happens bag to put them in. It folds up so small and I keep it in the same pocket as my changing pad. It is large enough to hold 2 changes of dirty clothes. I also carry it in the summer when we go swimming to bring home our wet swim suites. Alot of my customers who are using cloth diapers are picking them up.

Other info

  • For diapers, travel, and swim, wet bags grow with your baby, toddler,teen, to adult as the best way to store wet items.

  • 100% cotton designer fabric exterior with zipper closer and a PVC-Free lining that is thick and soft, unlike any other bag

  • Will not wick even with the wettest items.

  • Machine Washable

  • We carry the large 14x17 holds 6-8 cloth diapers

  • Eco-Friendly and Fashionable: Get Creative, get a few the uses are endless

  • CPSIA tested and compliant

This item is also available in what we call a Snack Happens. This is a 7X7 square that is perfect for little hands and snacking. Grapes, Sandwiches, Picnics, School Lunches, Mini First Aid Kits, Cell Phones, IPods, Cameras, Crayons, Travel, Camping. The lead free zipper top keeps crumbs, drips and contents securely inside.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Belly Bandit

Boy I wish this product had been around when Ms. E and Mr. H were born. I absolutely hated the "jelly belly" after I came home from the hospital. It was worse with my daughter. I felt so bad about my body and really stressed about it. I know that the Belly Bandit would have made me feel so much better about myself as well as get back into shape so much faster.

The Belly Bandit is an abdominal compression binder to help get your body back to it's former pre-baby shape by compressing the abdominal muscles and also reducing uterine swelling.

Another great benefit to the Bandit is back support. After my first baby was born I had no idea how bad my back would hurt those first couple of months. I stooped all the time. To bath the baby. To change the baby. Leaning when nursing the baby. The Belly Bandit would have really helped with my back pain

Other features:

  • Decreases bloating caused by water retention

  • Helps create better posture for breastfeeding mothers which helps reduce common complaints of of back and shoulder pain

  • Excellent support aid in the healing process for C-Section mothers

  • The Bamboo Bandit is the recommended style for direct skin contact after a c-section

  • The Bamboo Bandit is eco-friendly, moisture wicking, antibacterial, anti-fungal, hypo-allergenic, and is 3 times more durable than cotton. It is silky soft.

You can get the Belly Bandit in both Wichita Falls and OKC. If you are in Tyler we can get one to you from the other locations. This is a must have for all mama's to be. Take it to the hospital with you!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This company ROCKS!!!

They come up with some of the most innovative and unique products, but here is the best part. They are both useful as well as affordable. Now I will say I am NOT happy with their support of the specialty store market. You know that kind of company that uses us to get their products seen and demand up until the walmarts/targets/ToysRUs/Baby's R Us see that the products really do sell and then they decide to buy in too. We bought Boon back when all they had to offer was the FrogPod. My dad actually found this product/Company so he gets the credit for a Great Find. I did have a very candid and good conversation with a representative from the company back at the ABC show in Las Vegas so hopefully Boon will make sure they promote in the proper channels ie: NOT SAMS!!! These products are Special and we make them Special. to talk about the products. They are so great! You are going to LOVE them and want them all. This is the Saucer-it is a divided Stay Put Plate. It is available in Blue/Green, White/Pink, and White/Orange. I love that the compartments are rounded so that you and the baby will have an easy time getting the goodies out and onto the utensil.

This is Groovy. It is an interlocking bowl and plate set. You can actually move the side bowls around the plate as well as remove them completely. It is also available in Pink/White.

This is the snack ball. Mr. H loves this so much. You flip the top open to reveal the snacks. You can also twist the top off to easily fill it. It is available in white/Pink and White/Orange as well. Lots of fun!

Benders make eating and feeding so much easier. You can manipulate the tops back and forth. It makes feeding for babies who are just learning much easier. You can change the angle to make it just right for your child's grip. For you, when sitting to the side it make feeding a breeze. This also comes in pink/white and orange/white.

Fluid Toddler Cup has and ergonomic 2 handed grip that works great with those small hands. The angled spout requires less head tipping, making it more comfortable.

Squirt!!! Ok this is one of my fav's. I used this all the time with Mr. H. We spent alot of time in the Dr.s office and it was so nice to be able to just pull this out of the bag and feed him with no mess. It comes with a cap to keep the food from spilling out. All you do is untwist the bottom. Fill it with food and then squirt the food out onto the spoon. This is dishwasher safe and comes in orange and blue also.

GRASS!!! Is this not the COOLEST thing you have ever seen. I hate bottle dryers. There is not a good one out there until now. This is so neat. Great for glass bottles as well. I know I would not have minded having this out on my counter. These are brand new.

This is stash. We have it in both black and white. Again so many possibilities. Bottles, Food, Toys, Diaper Changing, Cosmetics, Art Supplies. The options are endless...and you know me...I am sucker for storage options.

Flo-Ms. E loves this product. She hates getting water in her eyes and her hair is SO THICK!!! This slips over the faucet and helps to spray the water in a fountain like shape, like a simple waterfall. She doesn't get water in her eyes and we can finally get the soap out of her hair.

Bug Pod and Frog Pods (below) are wonderful for storing wet bath toys and soaps. This gets those toys up off the bottom of the tub and drying. This scoops up all your toys so that you can rinse them and hang them to dry. Both units adhere to the wall with 3m adhesive. Prevents molding and helps with clean up. We love ours.

Fun for the KIDS!!!

I know Elf On The Shelf are seriously hard to come by...but not to fear. StorkLand is a prefered customer and we have least for now. We also have the skirts for those elfs who need to be a little more girly!!! So don't buy from a website and pay the shipping stop in and see us to get your new family tradition started.

Now for the kiddo's go to Elf On The Shelf wait for the flash to load and let the kids see the elf village. You can go into the buildings and play games like: decorating cookies and making Santa Hot Chocolate. Too Much FUN!!!!

Bestever Mats

As promised here are pictures of the Bestever Baby Mats. These mats are GREAT baby gifts. Or maybe you have a new baby in the house who needs a Christmas gift. They are large mats with super soft,plush fabric that baby will love to lay on. I always want to give the FAVORITE gift and I know this one will be the winner!


Here are pictures of a Zoobie and what it does. The Zoobie is a stuffed animal that has a zipper in his tummy. That's where the blanket lives. You can use the Zoobie as a stuffy (as we call thme) a pillow or a blanket. We carry these in all three locations. There are lions, monkeys, bears, giraffes, hippos, lady bugs, caterpillars, moose, tigers, elephants, and so much more.

Ms. E and Ms. A got their first Zoobie as a present when I came home from a Kids Today Conference in Savannah GA several years ago. They both take them on all our road trips. Ms. E has used hers at daycare for years and her giraffe has accompanied her to kindergarten this year as well. I think every kiddo would love one of these as a birthday present, Christmas Present, good behavior reward, or just because I love you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Segment

Check out this GREAT segment on the Today Show. We carry both the Zoobies and the BestEver mats. There are lots of other GREAT ideas on there as well. I am so getting that meatball game for Ms. E and Ms. A. They will LOVE IT!!!

The BestEver mats are available in Giraffe, Frog, Monkey, Teddy Bear Blue, Teddy Bear Pink, Puppy Dog, and Pink Cat. They make a great gift for new baby or baby on the way.

We have had Zoobies at our home for a couple of years. Ms. E still takes hers to school for nap time and every time we leave town both of the girls bring theirs for the car ride.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just my size

These Chenille Chairs are just the right size. My 17 month old to 7 year old niece can plop down in the comfy chairs. I know they would love to have one with their name on it too!!! We just got these back from our monogramer yesterday. I think they turned out so cute. Sorry the picture is dark but the one that says Noah is actually a camo fabric. There are so many options in colors, we can find the perfect one for you. If you want these for Christmas you need to come in soon so we can get it on order.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No More Tangles

This is my new favorite carrier. It is the Ktan. This carrier combines the traditional sling, wrap, and structured carrier (baby bjo....) It is made of 100% natural cotton and comes in several colors. This carrier offers countless positions. It is easier to get on than a wrap and there are no snaps or buttons to mess with. It stretches to fit you and baby perfectly but then can be thrown in the washer and dryer to will shrink back to original size. You can use it as a traditional sling, you can carry twins, you can nurse and pull the extra fabric up for privacy. Babies Preemie to 42lbs can be carried in the Baby Ktan carrier. The options are endless. You will love this new carrier.

I worked with a baby today putting them in and out of the carrier. I found it so simple after just a minute or two of instruction. I felt as if the baby was very secure and I was totally hands free. You need to just come by and try one on. You are going to love this new product.

Right now they are available in Wichita Falls, OKC will have them in 2 weeks and so will Tyler.

  • One-of-a-Kind Double Sling Design

  • Provides back support

  • Holds twins & Preemies

  • Built in nursing cover for mom

  • Use in over 8 positions from birth to 42 lbs

  • Available in Organic or Natural Cotton (No hardware)

  • Ergonomically designed to lie on both shoulders

  • Second loop secures child to wearer for additional safety

  • Voted Pregnancy & Newborn Top Readers Choice award

  • Pregnancy magazine 120 Best Baby Products

  • Tested for European baby carrier standards & all CPSIA regulations

Don't forget to let us personalize your carrier with our great monogramer.


After literally a week of trying to upload my video of Mr. H using this product...I GIVE UP!!! So here is a YouTube Video that was done at the ABC show.

Of course it is available in other colors. Please watch the is such a neat bowl.
We use this bowl on a daily basis at our house. If you look further back in the blog...the one about the baby human will see Mr. H eating apple sauce out of this bowl.

He has tried over and over to get it off the tray and just can't do it. That is good for 2 reasons.

1. He can't through the bowl

2. It doesn't move around on him while he is trying to eat from it.

There are 2 other products that Vital Baby makes that I just love:

The Press and Pop Freezer Pods

I love these pods because the bottom is soft so you can pop your frozen baby foods out easily...much better than trying to Ice Cubes out. You have to come by and just feel the bottom to understand!

And The Soft Tip Weaning Spoons. These are great. The bowl of the spoon is deep enough to get a good bite but the material is super soft to the touch so that it is easy on babies mouth. Mr. H loves to eat with these and I don't have to work about him hurting his gums....Especially since we are teething and they are so tinder right now.

Come by and check out these new products. You will love them!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Loved Baby 20% OFF one loved baby outfit

This is one of my favorite layette lines. The owner of L'oved Baby and I have been friends for years. I used to by her nursing poncho's and bottle tree's. For several markets she asked me about her clothing line. While the quality was GREAT...I just didn't think it was for StorkLand. We carry so much "Boutique" clothing. I thought it would just not mix well. While at market last September Mr. H had a HORRIBLE diaper. I desperately needed a change of clothing. Sharon graciously gave us an outfit to put on. I was amazed at how much I loved it. The quality was so amazing and I really couldn't believe the prices. The fabric is super soft and washes so well. The next day I went back and placed a small starting order just for Wichita Falls. This stuff literally flew out the door. Now all three stores carry loved baby. We just adore mixing ,matching. and layering all the great colors. So.....Sharon got me started on this new love affair and now it is your turn. Come in and say " I LOVE L'oved Baby" and we will give you 20% OFF one outfit of your choice. I promise you wont be disappointed!!!
Long Sleeve Onsie= $12.49
Short Sleeve Onsie= $11.99
L'oved Baby Pant= $13.99
Long Sleeve Overall= $15.99
Baby Doll Dress with Pantie= $15.99
Gown= $14.99
Cute Cap=$ 5.99
Blanket= $18.99
Colors: White, Chocolate, Pink, Blue, Green, Carmel, and Gray
Offer Expires: 11/21/09

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost Time

It is almost time for your little elf to make their holiday appearance. I know my girls are already asking when "Guy" will be here. They have so much to tell him about and to ask for.
Your elf should be ready to make his/her's debut on Thanksgiving. For those of you who already have an's time to freshen that baby up. What about adding a skirt to your elf. Now you can really tell the boys from the girls. These cute additions are on thier way to us as I type. Call or come in today and reserve yours. They are $6.99.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Style Show

We had so much fun doing the Christmas Magic Style Show in Wichita falls. Thank you to the Junior League for asking us to participate again this year!!! Obviously these pictures are not in any order. If you know how to order pictures on blogger any easier I would love the tip. To My mamma's ..if you got any other pictures send them my way.