Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calling all my Owl Fans

Seriously Owls are a HUGE deal in the fashion industry right now. You will notice them more and more. I have always been attracted to owls in fashion and gifts for personal reasons but there has been an explosion in our market! These little guys can be found in every area: clothes, bedding, back packs, clip boards, coin purses. The options are endless. So many new items coming in every day. You are going to love them!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Latest Commercial

Here is our latest commercial. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spring and Summer Clothing SALE!!

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Spring and Summer Fashions

Wichita Falls and Tyler locations!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hoot Hoot We're CUTE!!!

We have literally been waiting MONTHS for the Owls and accessories to come back into stock. We only got 6 of the owls in Wichita Falls. Come in quick!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Back To School

It can't already be that time of year...CAN IT??
Well it is. Time for Back to School..
We just got in the CUTEST backpacks, lunch boxes, Clip Boards, Photo Journals, Penny Pals, and reminder pads.
All of the Back Packs and Lunch Boxes are Monogramable.
These backpacks and nap mats are Great for daycare too! Lets not forget the nap mats.
These 4 nap mats are $59.99 and are completely washable.

This is a FireSide Nap Mat. They are all custom made and washable. They start at $79.99 you pick your colors. Available in over 100 fabrics with minkie dot or fleece blankets.

We will also have Stephan Joseph Nap Mats in Sports, Monkey, Peace, Horse, Butterfly, and Ladybug. They will be 49.99 and are washable as well. They should arrive beginning of August!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tickle Monster

There is no better childhood memory than time spent laughing together!

This is the cutest new gift I have seen in years. This is perfect for a baby present, christmas present, birthday present 0-4

Share the treasured gift of laughter with your child!

Here's everything you need. Get ready to read the magical Tickle Monster book aloud and tickle along with this lovable little rascal. You are the one who brings Tickle Monster to life for your children. Just slip your hands into the fluffy blue mitts and start reading and tickling. The poke-through finger holes in the mitts make it easy for you to turn pages and tickle, too. The result is joy, giggling, laughter and precious lifetime memories for your child!

Some of the best days of childhood are those spent with our parents and grandparents in play and laughter. That's what this wonderful kit is all about.

-Josie Bissett

Fox Paws

Oh My Goodness!!!! These are the cutest shoes ever!! They literally just came in the door. You have got to see them to believe it. The pictures don't show just how tiny they come.

0-6m or 0
6-12m or 2
12-18m or 4
18-24m or 6

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stroller Queen

We are getting TONS and TONS of questions about the new B-Ready Stroller from Britax.
  • 1st yes they have shipped to both the Wichita Falls location and the OKC location
  • 2nd Here is a great blog (stroller queen) that will answer tons of question you have about this stroller. Now not every questions because she doesn't address the infant carrier in her blog. Their are literally 14 configuration that can be done with this stroller.

We are so excited about getting this bad boy in. It solves all the stroller issues we have battled over the years...It grows to fit your family and your needs. GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

New BRITAX Car Seats Featuring Revolutionary Head Safety Technologies

This video is incredible. As you all know I am a HUGE advocate for Britax. I truly believe that they make the safest carseats on the market!! This past March I was asked to be a part of the National Britax Advisory Committee. I actually went to Britax head quarters for 2 days and saw the manufacturing process, the crash test site (and a crash test---took my breath away) as well as being introduced to the NEXT GENERATION of carseats by Britax.

The new technology in these seats will revolutionize the carseat world. The safe cell addition alone is like nothing I have ever seen and NO ONE has anything comparable to this. I always tell our customers the 2 most important purchase you can make for your baby are their crib mattress and their carseat. The mattress is their development and the carseat is their safety. My children only ride in Britax Carseats. That is my personal testimony. So now watch this video again.

Oh ya....And Britax didn't raise the price on any of their seats. That means the Next Gen. carseats will be the same price as the carseats available today. THANK YOU BRITAX!!!! So as of right now all Britax Convertible Carseats are discontinued. These seats are still the safest seats on the market Britax is just moving its manufacturing over to the Next Gen. So you can take advantage and buy these seats that we still have in stock at the new sale price. 20% OFF!!! Or you can pre-order your Next Gen seat today!!! The Next Gen seats will ship on August 16th.

The seats we have in stock now are all we will have until the Next Gen ship.

This does not include the Frontier 85 or the Chaperon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Britax B-READY Demo

Here is another sneek peek. This gives you are great idea of what all this stroller can do!!! You will wanna watch it more than once. I know I did!!!

4th of July SALE

ALL 3 StorkLand Locations are having a HUGE 4th of July Sale!!!
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Britax Strollers - Thoughtfully Designed

The B-Ready will ship to our stores on July 6th. You are not going to believe this stroller. It has the best of all the MAJOR brands combined into one. IT AMAZES ME!!!