Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have been meaning to blog about our little friends the SnuggleBugzzzz for quite sometime. I just fell in love with this little guy when I found him at the Fall ABC show. Not only is he super cute but he solves a problem I have been dealing with in my own household.

Ms. E (7) is a WILD sleeper to say the least. She tosses and turns and wiggles and flips. CRAZY I tell you!!! I have completely given up on keeping her covers tucked in...seriously...she twists them up in knots. Now sometimes every once in a while her wild antics have landed her flat on the floor. We used to have a gate up on her bed but as we started having sleepovers she begged to have it removed because she was embarrassed.

Then when I did take the silly gate off it was revealed just how much damage it had done to the finish on her BEAUTIFUL bed. So all that brings me to our new friends-SnuggleBugzzz.

We LOVE stuffies in our house. (or snuffies as Mr. H calls them) So when I brought "snowflake" home E was thrilled. She loved on her and cuddled her for days...she went everywhere with us. Next I explained how we could simply attach "Snowflake" to her sheet and she would keep her from falling out. At first E was hesitant but a day or 2 later she came back and said "let's do it." So we did and it has worked out GREAT. "Snowflake" is just heavy enough to act like a bumper to keep E from falling out. "Snowflake" is a loved member of our family. And E and her friends think she is pretty cool.

New Orleans and Mardi Gras

Ok, well almost Mardi Gras. Our buying group has an annual conference called the BBC (Building Business Conference) This is the most valuable industry event I attend each year.

I have blogged about it before but in case you missed it. Here is my take on what our goal is for this meeting. We as independent retailers have an opportunity to discuss industry issues with who we feel are the key manufactures in our industry. This is an invitation only event. NINFRA is very selective with whom is invited to attend.

We spend a day and a 1/2 in meetings discussing ways to build our business together, how to deal with new regulation in our industry, and even speed dating (where each retailer gets 10 minutes to sit down with each manufacture) This time in invaluable. We discuss the good and the bad. We look for ways to create greater profit and benefit on both ends.

After the meetings we have social events. We eat dinner and talk for hours on end. This is where the most important part comes in-relationship building.

It makes such a difference when I need to call a company if I have met them, had dinner with them, shared stories and social time. Relationships are KEY in any industry. This is how we build ours.

One afternoon we had beignets at Cafe Du Monde

JoJo is holding Stella and Karla is holding Ozzie (right?)

In the next row is Judy Frances (Kids Stuff Super Store), Sara (Baby's 1st Furniture/Jacob's fiance), me, and Yvette Muller (Baby's 1st Furniture)

After our snack JoJo and I walked the streets looking for goodies to take home to the kiddo's

Doug, JoJo, and me at one of our dinners

Judy and Karla from Kids Stuff Super Store in Nebraska and South Dakota

and now add in Dad (Gene)

Love this girl!!!

This is the FAB 4. JoJo, April (Goores), Yvette (Baby's 1st Furniture), and Judy (Kids Stuff Super Store)

Are these ladies not just beautiful. Beauty, Brains, and Power. There is a wealth of knowledge here!

Here is another fab 4...

Doug, Gene (Kids Stuff Super Store), Kenny (Goores), Dave (Tots to Teen)

Not as much beauty but a think tank that will transcend the hours of know you can save the universe with these guys ideas...especially if you catch them around 2:00am...

To bad we are missing Larry in this picture!

Anne, Sara, Jacob, and Yvette. These are the amazing people that run Baby's 1st Furniture in Houston...except we are missing Larry again???? Where is he!!!
Now those of you that know these 4 women you know that they LOVE their "Words with Friends" so much so that they even have special matching PJ's... If you have a Words with Friends should tell them...they play all the time. Just don't forget to turn you phone on silent when you go to bed!!!

(Can I just tell you how awkward it was getting this photo)

On our last night Rafael (executive director of NINFRA) arranged for the conference attendees to have a private party on Bourbon Street catered by an AMAZINGLY talented and award winning chef. Before we headed to the party dad and mom took me down Bourbon Street to Pat O Brain's to get a hurricane. YUMMY!!! but watch out it will kick you in the booty.

It was funny walking down Bourbon Street I just had no idea. As we walked a song that I sing to my kids quickly began to play in my head "Oh be careful little eye's what you see" It wasn't quite Mardi Gras time but there was still plenty to see.

Krystal, Me, and Kelly

Love these girls from New Baby Products.

Our party was on the 2nd story and we had a wonderful balcony overlooking all the Bourbon Street festivities.

Me, Karla, and Stella (?)

Jacob and me...Love the boa's..

Jacob and his this girl. She fits right in with us. We are going to their wedding in the Dominican Republic in June -SO EXCITED!!!

Me and my sweet mama

The twins had a ball crawling in and out of the windows...they should have shown some of the guys how to do it safely...several heads were bumped.

Dave Penning (Tots to Teen) and ME!! Dave cracks me UP!!!

Ilan (Albee Baby) and me again...

I have never seen so many photo's of myself...What was I thinking???
This is right before Ilan kicked the stool out from under me while I was griping about Price Matching...LOL!!!! That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Me and Jane Kitchen (editor of Kids Today Magazine)


Aaron Pederson (Kids Stuff Super Store and the twins dad) and me. Oh ya and the President of NINFRA!!!

Me and Bill (Munire)

Now this is a group up to no good!!

Yvette (Baby's 1st Furniture), me, and Lisa Rea (Suite Dreams)

Me and my dad (Doug) Mom, Me, Karla, Judy, and Amanda

StorkLand and Kids Stuff Super Store
Here's the gang...well almost all of them!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nap Nanny Customer Review

"We love our NapNanny for health reasons(GERD), safety reasons(does't like sleeping on his back, but against tummy sleeping because of SIDS) and convenient reasons(WAAAAY to many to mention)!!!! He even gets to use it to watch his big sister play! He even shares it with his 3 year old big sister so she can watch her movies! We have 2 - one for our house and one for the daycare... It is by far the best thing we have bought for our son!"

-Ginger Morgan

Sometimes it helps to hear from someone who isn't me. The nap nanny can change your and your baby's lives. Not to mention it has a prolonged purpose as a recliner for toddlers.

Just check out what the Hays have to say on their blog. Click on the picture or here

Storkland Grandparents

Monday, April 11, 2011

Grab and Go

No Electricity Needed. Those are words I LOVE!!! When Ms. E was born I tried every bottle warmer I could find for travel. We were going to markets and family trips and even just driving to Burkburnett to see daddy for lunch. I always needed to warm up a bottle. Whether I was 20min away or 500 miles.

I quickly learned that none of those car warmers were worth a HOOT!!! The milk was always heated spots....cold spots...Just didn't work.

Then I found this Grab N Go bottle warmer. You wrap the warming packet around the bottle and then activate it and put it in the sleeve. It takes about 30 minutes to warm the bottle and it is PERFECT!!! It will also keep the bottle warm for several hours. Once you are done you just boil the package for 10 min and you car reuse it over and over.

I kept 3 of the packets and one sleeve and that seemed to always be more than enough for me.

So there it is....Grab N Go Bottle gets my stamp of approval!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Proof is in the Pudd'n

So here's the proof..the other night my family and the Schmidt family went to our local St. Paticks day street fair. The kids had a blast and little miss Riley enjoyed her mom's chewbeads the entire evening. Everytime I turned around that princess was chewing away. Not to mention how cute do those look on Jennifer!!!