Monday, June 14, 2010

The cutesy family came in this evening and picked up this Baby Ktan carrier. I know I have blogged about this product before but I thought you might wanna see it in action. The sweet baby girl is 9months and big sister is too cute!! I actually know this mommy and daughter pair from stroller strides. They got to use a coupon they received at the Stroller Strides Summer Kick-Off Party. Thanks for coming in guys. I know you are going to love it..

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Snack Happens

Packed Ms. E's lunch today for DayCamp. I decided to let you guys in on a great secret of mine. I used to use 500 disposable sandwich bags but now I use 2-4 of these each time I pack lunch. Ms. E loves them. I am saving money!! and helping the environment. One more great use that I bet you didn't think of--

Put your wallet, camera, cell phone, etc in here when you visit the Water Park

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Small Business Awards

Thanks so much!!
StorkLand was nominated for the small business awards again in 2010.
We couldn't be proud!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sun and Skin Safety

Oh My Goodness it is so HOT!!! I just got back from the big Stroller Strides Summer Kick Off Party and I am just TOO HOT!!! The party was great. Lots of mommy's and baby's getting fit. I just love Stroller Strides..(but I will save that for a later blog)

While I was out there I got lots of questions about sunscreen and sun safety for babies. It got me to thinking. There might be lots of you out there with the same kind of questions. There are not alot of products on the market that are safe to be used on babies. We have several option for you.

Did you know that during your 70% of sun exposure happens before you are 17 year old. That is why it is so important to protect you baby's skin today and teach them to protect it for the future. Baby's skin is immature and the fact that they are immobile makes it especially sensitive to the sun and its UV rays.

Mustela's Sun Protect Products are mineral based. This reinforces protection against a wide spectrum of UVA (long and short) UVB and infrared rays. Md Mom's has provided us with these award winning sunscreen wipes. I love to carry these in my diaper bag because I know that I wont have a huge sunscreen spill. I can use one of these wipes and get all of Mr. H, Ms. E and my face done. I will never get caught without sunscreen again.

These soft wipes are saturated with gentle, sweat proof, broad spectrum SPF that is enriched with vitamin E and B5, marine silk, aloe, and oat to protect, sooth and moisturize. These wipes contain no phthalates, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum, or waxes. And finally these are TSA approved for carry-on luggage!Now besides sunscreen what else do you need when you go outside....BUG SPRAY...That's right I said BUG SPRAY...I love this stuff. It is safe to use on babies and Deet Free. If you look this up or come in and see it in the store you will not see bug repellent on the label. And I will be happy to tell you why but it does repel "Nature's Assaults" As they say on their website.

Last but not least a HAT...How simple is that but so SMART.. We have some Great new sun hats that we just got in!!! Come in and check them out before they are gone!

Click it or Ticket

That's right the time has come. Starting June 1st in the GREAT state of Texas you must buckle up your child in a carseat or booster seat until they are 8 or 4 ft 9in. As of June 1st officers will be ticketing parents who do not adhere to this new law.

Don't wait till it is too late. Come in today and let us get your kiddo fitted for safety!!