Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Loved Baby 20% OFF one loved baby outfit

This is one of my favorite layette lines. The owner of L'oved Baby and I have been friends for years. I used to by her nursing poncho's and bottle tree's. For several markets she asked me about her clothing line. While the quality was GREAT...I just didn't think it was for StorkLand. We carry so much "Boutique" clothing. I thought it would just not mix well. While at market last September Mr. H had a HORRIBLE diaper. I desperately needed a change of clothing. Sharon graciously gave us an outfit to put on. I was amazed at how much I loved it. The quality was so amazing and I really couldn't believe the prices. The fabric is super soft and washes so well. The next day I went back and placed a small starting order just for Wichita Falls. This stuff literally flew out the door. Now all three stores carry loved baby. We just adore mixing ,matching. and layering all the great colors. So.....Sharon got me started on this new love affair and now it is your turn. Come in and say " I LOVE L'oved Baby" and we will give you 20% OFF one outfit of your choice. I promise you wont be disappointed!!!
Long Sleeve Onsie= $12.49
Short Sleeve Onsie= $11.99
L'oved Baby Pant= $13.99
Long Sleeve Overall= $15.99
Baby Doll Dress with Pantie= $15.99
Gown= $14.99
Cute Cap=$ 5.99
Blanket= $18.99
Colors: White, Chocolate, Pink, Blue, Green, Carmel, and Gray
Offer Expires: 11/21/09

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost Time

It is almost time for your little elf to make their holiday appearance. I know my girls are already asking when "Guy" will be here. They have so much to tell him about and to ask for.
Your elf should be ready to make his/her's debut on Thanksgiving. For those of you who already have an's time to freshen that baby up. What about adding a skirt to your elf. Now you can really tell the boys from the girls. These cute additions are on thier way to us as I type. Call or come in today and reserve yours. They are $6.99.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Style Show

We had so much fun doing the Christmas Magic Style Show in Wichita falls. Thank you to the Junior League for asking us to participate again this year!!! Obviously these pictures are not in any order. If you know how to order pictures on blogger any easier I would love the tip. To My mamma's ..if you got any other pictures send them my way.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This is the neatest product. I have to be completely honest. One of my great sales reps has been trying to sell this to me for quite a while. And well, I just never bought into it. That is until this year at the ABC show. One of my good friends has a store like ours in Nebraska. She just recently had twin girls. At market her dad (who has 2 stores Nebraska and South Dakota) would take the girls and...SHOW THEM all his friends. He was headed down an aisle at market when the inventor of this product stopped him. The girls were sleeping all hunched over in a double know how a baby looks sleeping in a stroller, carseat, swing...when their head is resting on their shoulders...POOR babies they look so uncomfortable. So she gives him 2 Snugin Go's-helps him put the new head supports in the stroller and how to position the bar right at the girls shoulder blades. Immediately you could tell a huge difference in how the girls were breathing and later resting. It was amazing. This product truly astounds me.

The snugin go simply gives support where it is needed to keep your baby safe and breathing right.

They are constructed with memory foam which displaces with just 4lbs of pressure, the shoulder bar crosses behind baby's shoulders and gently pushes the chest forward, opening the airway

The base bar cradles baby's bottom, reducing slouching

The side bars support the shoulders to prevent rolling

The shoulder bar adjusts up and down for a custom fit

This is considered a SIDS reducing product!

They are instock and ready to help your baby. I so wish I had one of these when Mr. H was smaller. I know he would have rested so much better!

Flowers are Fabulous

We just got in these incredible flowers. They are so cute. What a show stopper!!! These are perfect for those pictures that you will cherish forever. So to all my photographer friends come in pick your favorite color. They are only $9.99. I just love those baby pictures with the giant flowers in their hair. These are perfect!!! These are available at all 3 locations

Baby Human Spoon

The Baby Human Spoons have arrived at StorkLand. I was introduced to this product a while back. The inventor sent me a sample to let my little man try it out. I gave him the spoon to play with and teeth on as a toy. He learned to manuver it from hand to hand. This is a double sided spoon so that it can be used in either the right or left hand. He was comfortable chewing on it and use to seeing it. He also developed muscle memory of grasping the spoon and and moving it to his mouth. Another feature that I really like about this spoon/teether is the over insertion gaurd, this keeps Mr. H from choking himself on it.

About 2 months ago when Mr. H was 14 months old he began feeding himself. He did this so well. Yes it was a bit messy at first but he is still really young. I was amazed at how well he did and how much he liked it. To say the least we are VERY independent and this will make feeding time more enjoyable for both of us. I was also very impressed with his muscle memory.

I think this is a great tool to help baby learn to feed themselves. Come in today and get one. Put you and your baby on the road to happy feeding times

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Warmth Protection and Style

Baby Legs have made their way to StorkLand. I just love these. They are a one size fits all...and I mean all. My 16 month old son and my 12 year old daughter can were the same pair. These are great for protecting those little knees when baby is crawling all over, they keep us warm both on our legs and our arms. But my favorite thing about baby legs is diaper changing is so easy.
Wear them with a onesie, Wear them with a Dress, Wear them on your arms....