Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Looster

Well before Mr. H was born I was warned repeatedly how "different" boys are than girls. How true that really is. Especially when it comes to potty training. I was TERRIFIED!!! But Mr. H did really really well. We are coming up on our 3rd birthday this week and we have been trained for about 4 months now.

We did utilize a stool alot...we moved it all over the bathroom...from the potty to the sink and to the tub...then in May at the ABC kids expo I found this little jewel. The Little Looster. (I love the name) When the stool came in it seemed really big but once I put it around the toilet it was much less intrusive. It is such a great size and makes getting up and down around the potty much easier for Mr. H. We have never used a potty chair and this product totally eliminates the need for one at all.

My husbands favorite part is that he can still use the potty without having to move this guy out of the way. See the notches in the front. Perfect for Daddy's feet....There is no need to remove the Little Looster for adults. I love our Little Looster and I hope you will too!