Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby BoBo is BACK!!!

Yipee!!! We are so excited to have Baby Bobo back in stock at StorkLand Wichita Falls. I know my Tyler and OKC customers are anxious to get their hands on these wonderful items as well. No worries Bobo is sewing her little heart out and will have them shipped ASAP!

Baby Bobo took a few months sabbatical in order to go to China and pick up the newest member of their family, Kate. I had the privilege of meeting sweet Kate after Mike and Ashley's return from China and just before their move to Auburn. They have had a REALLY busy last couple of months. The family is all settled now and Kate is adjusting better than anyone could have ever expected. (but honestly I was never worried with a mama like Bobo and a daddy like Mike and 2 incredible big sisters--she never had a chance) I just LOVE this family to death and miss them more than words could ever explain. For those of you who are not familiar with Baby Bobo you are going to LOVE it. We carry both the Woobie Wipe and the Bailey Bib.

There are a ton of different fabric combinations to choose from and it make the most affordable and practical baby gift while still being a show stopper. The Woobie Wipe is the perfect size burp clothe but can also double as a lovie for baby. We sell these for $13.99 each

The Bailey Bibs are double sided and close with Velcro. I am still using these with Henry and LOVE them. They sell for $9.99

Welcome back Bobo we missed you!!!!