Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Hip are you?

Well according to my 6 year old "I Rock" but my 13 year old girl...not so much!!! However, I think these just might help my plite. Ms. E came in the store yesterday and spied these and almost flipped her lid. She begged and begged..."Please Please...what can I do to get these" My reply "ASK SANTA" So what are they...only to coolest...the IPod/MP3 accessories you can find. CHIC BUDS. These Chic Bugs Earphones are retractable (so great for kids or grown ups who constantly get those cords tangled up. They come in Grape, Marshmellow, Watermellon, Blueberry, and Sour Apple. Yes, those are swarovski crystals.

Chicboom...Ms. A has had several portable speakers over the years and none were all that great. They all broke relativly quickly and we were generally unimpressed. Now these babies...WOW can the blow!!! The sound they produce is unbelievable quality and they are so tiny. Litterally the size of a lip gloss ball. Every stocking is going to need to have one of these. Sport Headphones-ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Are these really back in style. Well according to my 13 year old YES!!! She has been begging us for a pair for a few months now....So of course if we are going to get these 1980 throw backs...they are going to knock your socks off.

And don't worry...we didn't forget your the guys in your life either...While they wont sport the swarovski crystals they can't get any cooler than these Rockbuds..also retractable!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A good nights sleep!

A good nights sleep is worth a mint!! Literally, for me it is sanity. It is the difference in being a good mom, wife, and employee and being a BEAR!!!! Shad and I have worked so hard to ensure a welcome sleep environment for our kids both for them as well as for us. These Cloud B products have been great tools from birth to present day with both Ms. E and Mr. H. They each sleep with the Twilight Turtle. I love that in the middle of the night if they wake up they can just reach over and turn on their turtles and see stars on the ceiling. Ms. E's favorite color is blue right now and so each night after we say our prayers and I turn her turtle on she says blue please. That turtle is now 6 years old. We change his batteries every few months and she love him.
Now Mr. H has had his turtle in his room since birth and I turned it on each night before I closed the door but his turtle has now found it's way into his crib. He is just 2 years old but he will turn his turtle on at night and sometimes in the morning. He has one of those great DARK rooms so this morning for example he woke up and called for me while I was in the midst of putting Ms. E's hair in a ponytail. I called out that I would be there in a minute and to turn on his turtle. When I opened the door his room was filled with little green stars and he was happy.
The Twilight Turtle stays on for about 20 minutes and it can shoot starts in green, blue and yellow.

This is the Twilight LadyBug. She is exactly the same as the Twilight Turtle but in cute LadyBug form. Ms. E really wants one of her as well...not that she is giving up her turtle but in addition too!

These last two little guys are great also. These stuffies are both sound machines. White noise is so important for newborns. You may remember the bear with the mother's heartbeat. Well these two guys are an updated version of that. Neither of these were available when Ms. E was born so I put a TV in her room and turned it to a static channel. It worked well. About 3 months after she was born we got in the sheep. We both loved it!!! Infact she still gets the sheep out every once in a while to play with. Mr. H got a Gentle Giraffe and he still lives with him daily, even 2 years later.
I hope that these additions will help you and your kiddo's get some much needed rest!
PS...The Sleep Sheep and Gentle Giraffe also come in a travel size. They are really good for new puppies as well!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

From the Mouth of a Momma!

This is Sarah Deaton. She has 2 wonderful boys and has shopped with us for a couple of years. She came in the other day to find a solution for tiny boy who was slumping in his infant carrier. I showed her to options. This is what she has to say about the SnugginGo.
My sweet little Colin was born 4 weeks early, and was so tiny that he was dwarfed in his car seat. I had rolled up receiving blankets all around him but his poor little head still flopped around. Not only did I feel like he was uncomfortable, I felt that he wasn't very secure and safe in the car seat. I went to look for a car seat insert for him and was faced with a few different options. Although the Snuggingo was a bit more expensive than some of the others, I decided that it would be the best option. It has been AWESOME! He sits in the car seat comfortably, and his head never falls forward anymore. He seems so safe and secure and comfortable! It was worth every penny, and I would recommend this to any new mom!

Thanks again Sarah for writing the review!!! We just love this product. It is so great for the infant carrier, high chair, swing, mamaRoo, bouncy seat, the list goes on and on!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time to Celebrate!!!

Doug and Jo's Birthdays are just 19 days apart. Don't believe for a minute that Doug doesn't let Jo forget that she is still older no matter how small the difference. This year Vikki planned a big Birthday Party for the two of them. We had BBQ, B-Day Cake, and Party Games. So much fun to get away from the office and really enjoy each other. Before the games could begin we had to dress the part!

Henry really thought Big Daddy's tie was COOL!!!

The happy couple...We should all be so blessed!!!

Vikki!!! You ROCK our World everyday

Big Daddy...oh were you sitting here??? I was watching the football you wanna share?

The crew...David, Vikki, Belle, Sharon, Laurie, and Regena WOW!!! Homeade German Chocolate CAKE!!! JoJo's Favorite!! It was SO GOOD-Vikki!!!

Time to Blow out the Candles-The kids love this part!!!

Henry was a big help


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside

Ok not really...but soon...Ok not really but you know when we will start having those mornings where it is 50 and then 80 by noon. I have said it before and I will say it again...Baby Legs are the GREATEST. Just a few days ago we left really early and a cold front had pushed through our area (for like 1/2 a min) so when we left the house it was around 60 degrees...We got just out of the garage and Mr. H says..."'s FREEZING!!" Luckily I ran back in grabbed his football baby legs and he was set..Not to mention he LOVED them. When he got to school I asked his teachers to take them off as it got warmer...Later that afternoon I picked Henry up and he told me..."I not take my footballs off. I love them" I am hooked!! These can also be worn as arm warmers with short sleeves as well. Oh ya and GREAT for diaper changing made easy!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Peace Out BABY!!

This is the perfect jacket for our area. Not to hot...Not to bulky...Just right to where to school and play or out to dinner with the family. Your little Diva will Love this Peace Jacket by MiMi and Maggie. The front has beautifully funky crochet flowers too CUTE!!! From sizes 4-14.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting to know US?

So at the request of a very special manufacture the other day we did a store picture in Wichita Falls...soon I will have one for OKC and Tyler as well. So I thought this would be a great time to introduce you to the people who LOVE helping make your nursery dreams come true. 1st Row: JoJo, Vikki (5 years) and Katie (1st year)
2nd Row: Me (Anne-since birth) Doug, Sharon (over 20 years), Cecil (1 1/2 years),
and Regena (over 20 years)

The Head Stork and his Beautiful Bride

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boys will be Boys

So the other day when I brought clothes home for Ms. E to play fashions show it never dawned on me that Mr. H would wanna play too!!! He loved trying on the clothes I had brought home for him. Of course he had a laser gun in one hand and a ball in the other but no matter he still wanted in on the photo Good news for you guys...You get to see some of the GREAT clothes we have gotten in for boys. Now he did love it but didn't last as long so there are only a couple of photo's compared to what I got of the girls...but you just have to come in and see all the GREAT fashions for your little man that are here!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Come and get all your Halloween Goodies right here. We have shirts for boys and girls. GREAT Halloween outfits to stop your fans dead in their tracks. Not to mention all those goodies to fill the Halloween basket, Dancing Frankenstein (SO FUNNY), Flash lights, Silly Bandz, and so much more. Let us make Halloween fun and EASY!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Haven Girl...You have out done yourself!!

These are the CUTEST Holiday Dresses EVER!!! I just love Haven Girl Dresses. They are so wearable. Each of these dresses is knit and so comfy but dressy enough for any holiday party or cotillion. Ms. E just loved trying each of these beauties on and didn't quite understand why were weren't keeping them ALL. These Haven Girl Dresses start in 4 and go to 14. Come in quick before they all DANCE AWAY!!!This dress has a v-back with a great sequin bow and the circles on the front are all different sizes for added interest!This was Ms. E's favorite speaks for itself. Again..remember all knit!Now this one is my favorite!! Love the banded bottom and rouched sleeves. Swirls of Color and FUN!!!

It doesn't get more traditional holiday than this!! Perfect Pearls on RED!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good bye Labor Day...Hello Christmas???

Can you believe it is time for this...These are the CUTEST Christmas items we have ever gotten. And they are selling like CRAZY!!! Clothing sizes are 0-6m and 12-18. Click on the picture to enlarge so you can check it all out! HO HO HO!!!!

Sweet Sisters.

These beautiful dresses came in yesterday and I couldn't pass up the chance to get some great pictures. Soon you will be looking for that perfect portrait dress, a dress for Grandma's Tea, a dress for a special Holiday Party. We have what you are looking for!! Aren't these gorgeous. More to come. Ms. E has been playing model and letting me take Lots of pics. I will upload them ASAP so you can get a quick look. SO CUTE!!!