Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wichita Falls Store Update

Our new wrapping Desk...I LOVE IT!!! No more aching back.

These rooms are going to be amazing. I just love all the color

Here is the front. Getting it ready for new color.

Things are moving right along.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Tube

Ok...I must say I am so proud of myself. I uploaded our first 2 video's to YouTube. I hope you take a second to check them out. They are cute.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where to lay you down

So here is the question. Where do I lay you down. Now that you can roll over and get into stuff or even if they are crawling a bit. Here is my answer. The nesting Pod. I love this item. It is a great place to lay baby down on the floor a know that they are safe and sound. They can roll and play yet not get away from you. Not pick anything up off the floor and eat it. YUCK!! Keep the animals from running them over. Etc... For me when I am in the kitchen Henry wants to be on the floor and I don't want him to lay down on the hard floor. Or when I got to my friends house. She has cats. I don't want Henry rolling around on the floor and picking up the cat hair. (she has a very clean house. I am just not a cat person. That tends to happen whenever you are around an animal that makes your eyes water, nose run and any other allergic reaction possible. The nesting pod solves this issue and many more.

It is easily portable and comes in a ton of great/soft fabrics.

Friday, May 22, 2009

And the Grammy Goes To?

Ok so it wasn't a Grammy and we didn't win but StorkLand Wichita Falls was nominated for the Small Business Awards. The banquet was extremely nice and we all had a chance to do some good networking. We are so humbled by this honor we would not be were we are without our GREAT employees.
picture: Top Row-Regena, Vikki, Anne, Shad
Bottom Row-Ashley, Doug, Joellen, Sharon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moving on up....

Our WICHITA FALLS store is MOVING. We are so excited!!! We have been in Parker Square for 15 years and now it is time to move on. You will be amazed at the new store. Construction is coming right along and we are in the planning phase of relocating.

What does that mean for you?

We have already begun to make things down but our sale won't really take off until Saturday. You will find merchandise

10%-75% OFF

and GREAT Deals on Furniture as well. If you are missing a piece to a group that you have already purchased you might just find that piece marked WAY down and ready to move in to your home.

We are also CLOSING our Stride Rite location on Friday in order to mark merchandise down. We will reopen on Saturday with BIG SAVINGS you wont want to miss!

For Stride Rite this is a liquidation sale. We will not be reopening Stride Rite at our new location so STOCK up now while we have the sizes and styles you want.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wild Side

Check out this new group from Levels of Discovery. We just got it in Wichita Falls and it will be in OKC by this weekend. If you are interested we can ship it any where. The table and chairs are a great size. My 7 year old niece would be just as comfy as our 2 year old cousin. Some table and chairs remind me of the 3 little bears. You know this one is to this one is too big. But this table and chairs is just right for a wide age range.

The construction is very durable. I mean this stuff can take some abuse. The Toy box is so cute and functional. Don't be scared of the pads. The come off and can be dry cleaned. Let me know if you are interested in prices and I will get them to you. Don't forget. Always shop locally.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I thought this looked really neat. We haven't purchased yet because I got a sample and I am going to try it out with Henry. So far I can't really give him an Apple because i am afraid he could bite off a big piece and choke, same goes for most things that will fit. But be sure I will find something to try it with. It is just those darn biter biscuits are NASTY...

The idea is simple it works like a Chinese finger torture. Emma and I have played with it a lot. she likes trying to get her finger out. So was a toy she loves it. I just have to double check to make sure I don't think it could become a choking hazard with food. What do you think? I would love to hear back from some of you.

Nap Nanny

A couple of months ago I had a friend ask me about the Nap Nanny. I knew I had seen it at the ABC show in September but that I just didn't feel the product was ready. Well it is now and we have ordered it. We will start by getting 2 in green and 1 in both pink and blue.

My Emma was an acid reflux baby and I would have had to have had one of these. She slept in her car seat until she was 5 months old. she got so big and strong that she could literally flip her car seat backwards. We ended up putting a box of formula behind it to keep it propped up. Each night we would clip her into her seat and put it in her crib. ( I wanted her to get used to sleeping in her bed. Silly I know) Now I know just how dangerous that really was.

The nap nanny totally eliminates this problem. It also solves other issues plaguing parents
Increased Infant Comfort Nap Nanny elevates baby 30 degrees, which is recommended by doctors* for babies with:
* reflux
* colic
* colds or stuffiness (always!)
* gas
* ear infections Child (emma had 21 before she was 2)
Security Innovative foam design cradles infant while safety harness holds baby securely in place. Durable Waterproof liner protects the foam for greater longevity.
Portable Weighing only 3 pounds, the Nap Nanny can travel with you and stores easily.
Do More Nap Nanny is ideal for bottle feeding twins simultaneously.
As always please shop locally we need you!


How many times have you gone on a day trip, vacation, to see family and had to pack bottles, bottle brush, dish soap etc. What a pain. I have done this countless times with 2 of my children. We travel alot but we also just go on day trips where I had to pack bottles and by the time I got home they were FUNKY to say the least. This new disposable bottle is so neat and totally affordable. It is a one time use bottle and they cost $1.00/each. You can get a box of 10 for $10.00. Once you fill the bottle you snap on the lid and you are ready to go. Once the lid is on you can not remove it. When baby is done you toss it. Hopefully in a recycle bin. Each bottle is 100% recyclable. We will have these they are already on order. I would have LOVED THEM.

· Space saving stacking design - new 10 pack same size as the old pack of 4;
· Less plastic, less packaging and less waste;
· New easy to use snap-fit locking cap;
· Improved teat;
· Still 100% recyclable and Bisphenol-A free and
· now in handy packs of five and ten.

Organic Kidz

Here is one of my favorite finds from the ABC spring show. OrganicKidz. This is the world's first stainless steal bottle. Ok so you may ask why Stainless steal. Here are a few reasons.

Non-Leaching (wont get tiny holes from running in the dish washer.)

BPA, PVC, and Phthalate Free

Unbreakable and dent resistant

Bacteria Resistant

Will Not Rust

Dishwasher Safe

These bottles come in 4, 7, and 9 oz

They have a 2oz lid that can be used to measure formula

Compatible with most narrow necked nipples

Not to mention they are super Cute and unique

So what is the first thing I do? Try to make it leak. I mean I beat the butter out of this thing trying to make it leak and I couldn't. We have carried other stainless products and they leaked terribly. This one gets the Anne Stamp of approval.

Soon to come are handles and a sippy spout to convert your bottle to a sippy as well as a sports sport to convert your bottle in to a sports bottle. These bottles are an investment but you will be able to use them for YEARS worry free.

As ALWAYS please shop locally. We will have these. Let me know if you are interested!

Home sweet Home

I am so glad to be back. The ABC spring educational conference was wonderful. We heard from unbelievable speakers. It was like being at Church camp. You come home raring to go with so many wonderful idea's. Ready to jump in with both feet. I hope the momentum keeps up for us. There are so many things that I want to implement at our stores.

Besides the great speakers we there was also a small invitation only trade show. The large trade show held September in Las Vegas is a free for all. So many manufactures that you can't possibly see them all. We spend 5 days literally running. This show was much smaller and only for brick and mortar specialty stores. No big box or Internet (target, baby's R Us, baby super mall etc...) There are only 200 manufactures allowed to show. This year ABC limited the booth space to 10X10 or 10X20. I hope that they don't do that next year. I don't care how big the booth is just as long as there are no more than 200 manufactures.

We found some great new products that I will be debuting here on our blog. Somethings I liked but didn't buy yet and then quite a few things that we will be caring in the stores.

The first night we had an NINFRA dinner and social at a local Louisville Kentucky museum. The Galt Hotel is where most everyone was staying and we were picked up there by a trolley. After only a brief moment inside the doors we were surrounded with old friends that we only see 3 times a year. Some even less than that. It is like a family reunion with out all the weird stuff. Graco helped to sponsor the great event. The food was amazing and after dinner we had a wonderful demonstration in swordsmanship. We were then left to roam the museum in privacy before we headed back to the hotel.

Mom and Me

Lori, Dave, and Dad

Gene spends a lot of time on the phone. In fact all the men do.

Great friend Karla (expecting twin girls. She is 30+ weeks. I know I am jealous too!) and Jacob my totally cute and to much fun friend.

The next day we had an all day NINFRA meeting. My dad has been the president of NINFRA for 4 years and at this meeting he passed the torch to Barry Gavertz. Towards the end of the meeting my dad was presented with the Eleanor Schwartz award. This is an award that NINFRA gives out every couple of years to someone who has been dedicated to the good of the juvenile industry. It was such an honor for my dad. I am so proud of him.

At the beginning of the ABC show a press conference was held. At which it was announced that the Fall ABC show would be held in Louisville starting in 2011. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

After the first day at the show Louisville threw us one heck of a party. We took the Bourbon Buses from the show to the facilities where the 2011 September ABC show would be held. As we disembarked there was a red carpet lined the clapping patrons. We were made to feel so important. Then just as you entered the building there was a live demonstration of glass blowing. I was so amazed at their talent. Then inside was a grand party with food, drinks, and entertainment.

The other entertainment included golf cart rides around the facility and several museum exhibits that were brought in for us. Probably the neatest part about this party was that the people of Louisville arranged this party after the contract for the show to be moved had already been signed. Their hospitality went above and beyond in every way. We are so excited to be visiting again soon.