Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Co-Sleeping and the Snuggle Nest

Co-Sleeping. Let me start by saying I have no official opinion about Co-Sleeping. For my family we did not choose to Co-Sleep but my sister's family did choose to. So for me it is "To Each Their Own" Now that being said there are several products that I like that can be used when Co-Sleeping. I do feel very strongly that products like the Snuggle Nest make this experience a safer one. According to the CPSC at least 515 deaths were linked to infants and toddlers under the age of 2 sleeping in adult beds from January 1990 to December 1997.

  • 121 of those deaths were attributed to parents, caregivers or siblings rolling on top of or against a baby while sleeping.

  • More than 75% of the deaths involved infants younger than 3 months old

So all that being said I think the Snuggle Nest is an outstanding product. We sell this item in all 3 locations. The purpose is so that baby can stay in bed with you and you can sleep without worrying that you might roll over on them. It makes night nursing a snap.

The Snuggle Nest Supreme comes with a soothing sounds and night light at the top of the unit. I think this is invaluable. White noise was a huge asset in our home and I love that you can use the night light without blinding everyone in the room if you wanna check on the baby or find a lost paci. There is also an incline wedge to elevate baby. This makes breathing easier when congested as well as helps with reflux or indigestion. There is an open weave mesh to help with airflow around baby-we all know the kind of heat babies can put off. The mattress is waterproof and the cover is machine washable. Mesh covered positioners help keep baby in the proper position and can be used while still swaddling. Finally if folds easily for travel. So even if you don't Co-Sleep but you are going on a trip and the baby will sleep with you while you are away this is great!

So to all my mommy and daddy's that Co-Sleep or want to this is the product for you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's HERE!!!

Finally it is here! The Cortina Together Stroller by Chicco. This stroller will hold 2 30lb keyfit carseats. There are so few options for a mommy of twins and this is just perfect. But it's not just for twins this is perfect for a mom of can ride and so can big bother/sister. It is so light weight and folds like a DREAM!!! We have been BEGGING for something that will actually be usable for moms and not such a BEAST to maneuver, as well as affordable. Well Chicco listened and HERE SHE IS....Come in and give her a test drive today. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Building Business Conference

The Building Business Conference...or BBC...Is the greatest idea in retail relationship development. This years conference was held in Sacramento, CA. I was so excited to go because our good friends the Goore's store is there!

The conference is hosted by NINFRA, our buying group and the purpose behind this meeting is for us to form relationships with our manufactures. Our buying group invites key manufactures to come and meet with each store individually as well as socialize. Each store is assigned to a table and in 10min intervals the manufactures move from table to table. We call it "Speed Dating" I have enjoyed this event for several years. It is a great opportunity to open the doors of communication. We also enjoyed a great speech about the regulations that are being discussed for future products as well as worked with a consumer panel.
Once the business is done we have dinner or participate in some local entertainment. In years past we have gone to a spa, played golf, visited historical districts, gone fishing, all as a group. It is great to get out of the office/meeting and have some fun. This is where friendships are built. These friendships can and do evolve into lucrative business relationships. Each evening we would have dinner and great conversations

This is my mom and some of our great friends. Store owners, managers, and manufactures

Here is Kelly from Baby's Dream, Sam from Tree House Kids, and Jill and Renee from Cocalo

Kevin-Young America, Rafeal (NINFRA's Executive Director, Lauren, and Richard (store owners)

Scott-Tree House Kids, Jake-Bob, Dave-Tots to Teens, Doug(my dad), and Larry-Baby's First

These guys are TOO FUNNY!!!
Doug-StorkLand, Gene-Kids Stuff Superstore, Dave-Tots to Teens, and Mike-Creations

Aaron-Kids Stuff Super Store and the Boys from BOB..We love BOB strollers

Denise and Chelsea from Goore's for Baby and Kids holding sweet Ozzie and Stella. These girls are the NINFRA mascots. SO CUTE and SO GOOD!!!

Rafael and Richard...good look'n guys

Lisa, Sandy-Kids Space, Kathy-Kids Space, and Beth-Fireside Comforts

Scott and Sam from Tree House Kids. They just expanded into a new beautiful building. CONGRATS GUYS!!!
Jill -Cocalo with Philip and Debbie from The Playpen

Judy-Kids Stuff Super Store with Janice from Creations

Ozzie and Karla-Kids Stuff Super Store with ME!!
Karla is such a good friend and her baby girls are precious to me!

JoJo and Stella...can you tell we all fought over those girls all weekend

Ozzie, Gene, Stella, and Kenny
Two sets of Twins...

Rafael and Me...I admire him so much..mostly for putting up with all of us!
Proud GRANDPA Gene and his sweet Grandbabies..

Even CUTE Josh from Million Dollar Baby wanted a chance to hold one of the girls.

We were so lucky to go on a wonderful wine tour while we were in Sacramento. We had a charter bus come to the hotel and pick us up. It was a little bit of a drive to get to the vineyards so we listed to old music and had a ball on the way there. The scenery was beautiful. Everything there is green and lush!
Dad, Me and Mom. What a good look'n family

Kelly-Baby's Dream, Carol-Baby's Dream, Beth-Fireside Comforts, and Antoinette-Baby's Dream
Even the manufactures socialize with other manufactures.

Kathy, Sandy, JoJo, Janice and Yvette

This winery had the best Almond Champagne

Richard-Gores and Me. I get to meet and have friends all over the country. Early in the trip I got to spend time with Richard and his wife Zoey. She is a pediatrician...and so much fun! For years I have teased Richard that he had made her up because she never gets to come with him. So I guess she is real and just as wonderful as he has always said!
Sam-Tree House, Jill-Cocalo, Karla-Kids Stuff Super Store, and Me..

I just love this girl. So much fun
The second winery was BEAUTIFUL!! I would so wanna get married there. Hey my 10 year anniversary is coming up...Maybe a renewal??

Good Friend Jacob from Baby's First in Houston

Aaron and Karla. They make such a beautiful couple.
And beautiful BABIES!!

Front of the vineyard as you drive up. Rolling hills of GREEN.

This is our 3rd vineyard. It was so unique

The man standing in this doorway is over 6 feet tall. Just so you can understand how massive these doors were. We enjoyed several glasses of wine and a Delicious dinner!

Kelly, Carol, and Antoinette from Baby's Dream, Me Yvette-Baby's 1st, and Sam from Tree House
Can't you just tell how much fun we had! When do you ever get a chance to have so much fun with business associates! This is the way to build relationships. Jill from Cocalo and me AGAIN

There is no better way to finish this entry off than with another picture of a beautiful baby girl. This is why we are in this business. Thanks guys for a wonderfully productive trip!

Monday, March 8, 2010

G2 by Orbit is coming soon

Have you seen this stroller system. It is amazing. There is nothing like it on the market. Check out this short video clip to find out more. New G2 by Orbit Baby If you want one we will take pre-orders NOW!