Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit

On a daily basis we see mommy's come into our stores struggling to breath and walk. They are terribly uncomfortable and just down right miserable. Well Belly Bandit is debuting a brand-new product designed to help pregnant women defy the laws of gravity: Upsie Belly™. The most innovative pregnancy support band available, Upsie Belly™ belly support has been created to keep you up on your feet when your baby bump weighs you down.

This great support belt helps evenly distribute pregnancy weight by taking the pressure off your back, hips and legs, and also increases your range of motion, providing comfort and relief as your baby bump grows.

As the most multi-tasking support band on the market, Upsie Belly™ has also been engineered to help alleviate pregnancy-related backaches and muscle soreness. It comes with an optional hot/cold pack that can be conveniently slipped into a 10-inch back pocket for “on-the-spot” soothing, and is designed with extra-tall back support to promote healthy posture.

The Upsie Belly takes the bulk and complication out of traditional multi-piece support bands, the one-piece Upsie Belly™ is absolutely effortless—right down to the “anti-dig” closure designed to eradicate digging and discomfort.

It is created in Belly Bandit’s® signature SecureStretch™ elastic fabric. The Upsie Belly™ molds to your body with just the right amount of tension at every stage of your bump—and even holds the belly in place to help reduce stretch marks.

To reduce irritation, Upsie Belly™ is covered entirely in soft and supple Bamboo, which offers natural moisture-wicking, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic benefits for sensitive, delicate skin.Upsie Belly™ is available in three sizes, S, M and L, with 13-inches of adjustability.

If you are experienceing even the slightest bit of discomfort the Upsie Belly will really change your pregnancy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeling Pretty is Priceless-Baby Be Mine

I think feeling pretty is just about priceless. I know when I was in the hospital I couln't wait to get out of that frumpy hospital gown...UGLY/See Threw/Scratchy I just didn't like it. It wasn't mine. So when I saw these great birthing gowns, well I fell in LOVE!!!

You can choose to wear this threw delivery...when God and everyone is stopping threw your room or after you deliver and when you go home. This gown is perfect. It allows the nurses the access they need to take care of you without you having to get completely undressed. (like you would if you were wearing your own PJ's) It has very easy secure snaps at the shoulders for nursing as well. These gowns are a great hospital gift also. Sizes range from XS-2XL

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Brezza Oh how I love you!!!

It is finally here...Baby Brezza!

I so wanted to make my own baby food. I love the idea of making my babies food and know exactly what they are getting. But the truth is I was just to lazy! With the Baby Brezza it would have been so EASY!!! This is totally worth 4 minutes of your time. Check out how fast and easy this machine makes it for you. All in one step and then ALL the dirty pieces go straight into the dishwasher. (my bestest friend)

We have these in the Wichita Falls location but if you would like one and you shop at one of our other locations we can get it for you with no problem at all.

I know that making your own baby food may sound intimidating but it is a huge money saver as well as great for your baby. With this tool you can do it!!!

Introduction to Baby Brezza

Now this video is SUPER CHEESY!!! But I love how it shows all the tools and talks a little bit more about this great option for moms.

And you might get a few laughs.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Burrito

The Baby Burrito-Oh little did Shad and I know how much this little trick would save our lives when the nurses at the hospital were helping teach us how to prefect it.

After we brought Ms. E home sleepless nights was an understatement. This little girl just wouldn't be put down. In the wee hours of the morning I found Shad watching "The happiest baby on the block" with a screaming baby in his arms. He watched and learned about the 5 s's. Swaddling, Swaying, Shushing, Side, and Sucking. Swaddle the baby, lay them across your arm on their side, Sway back and forth while shushing in their ear (white noise) and holding a binkie in their mouth. It worked like a charm. Turned her tears right off. From then on if she was fed and dry and started crying we used this method.

The most important part of this for us was the swaddling. I needed the perfect blanket and we didn't have one...nor did we sell one at StorkLand. The search was on.

I found several that I love. Miracle Blanket, Swaddle Designs, Luna, Swaddle Me, Swaddle Pod, and Aden and Anais.

I have blogged about several of these before but today I want to talk to you about Aden and Anais. This is the perfect most versatile blanket. It is made of muslin. This fabric is breathable 1st and foremost as well as super soft and durable. The blanket is 47X47. This is so important. You get the best swaddle from a square blanket. The size of this one allows for swaddling for months. (I swear we swaddled Ms. E for 6 months) With every wash these amazing blankets get softer and softer. You can use them to cover the carrier when you are out in the elements. Their sheer textures allows for breathabiltiy which is key in our area but it is also very warm and moisture wicking.

There are lots of colors and styles as well as an organic option. You can try them out in a 2 pack or buy the box of 4. You wont regret this as a gift or for you sweet heart.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Keekaroo How we Love you

This is the keekaroo right height chair. I absolutely LOVE this chair. You guys know me and I love FUNCTION/Multi Purpose/Space Savers. Yes I had another highchair...the kind with multiple trays that reclines and folds up and I loved it. But it lasted us just over 2 years and we used it daily. Now the Keekaroo will stay at our table from sitting up (about 7 months on average-99years) I know it sounds crazy but it is so true.

The Keekaroo can be purchased in 2 separate configurations. The baby configuration comes with the infant inserts (back and bottom parts) and you can choose your color. Lime, Aqua, Chocolate, Pink, Orange...etc... and you also get the high chair tray. This is the 1st stage to this chair. You can raise and lower the seat to the proper height for your table as well as raise and lower the foot portion to grow with baby and keep their feet from dangling and falling asleep.

Now for Stage 2. remove the tray and scoot up the table...Your very own booster with harness.

Stage 3. If you already purchased this as a stage 1 you will need to purchase the new inserts (or just take them out) The only difference is the crotch support. You can choose to use this as an additional seat at the table for all the children or adults.

There are days when this is my chair and days when this is Mr. H's chair.

Another great feature is that you can turn this chair around and use it as a step stool. Mr. H pushes it up to the counter all the time to help me cook. I use it to reach those top shelves.

So in 1 purchase I got a High Chair, Child's Chair, Adult chair (gotta love extra seating) and a step stool. You can choose the color wood for your chair as well as the color of squishy inserts (similar to a bumbo feel). It is a GREAT purchase with long term value.