Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Virgina Rose, our silhouette artist, will be making another trip to our Wichita Falls and Tyler locations. She will be in Tyler on April 11th and Wichita Falls on April 18th. Just in time for Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Virginia's remarkable talent will leave you with a timeless keepsake. These are perfect for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts. Wiggly children and babies are welcome.
$19.99 for your 5X7 Silhouette. Multiple Copies and Frames are available.
Call today to schedule your appointment.
Wichita Falls 940-766-1234
Tyler 903-581-4040

Tip: When dressing your child for this event be sure to put a collared shirt on him/her. For the girls you will want a bow and to put their hair up either in a pony tail or 1/2 up.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

On of our most popular events every spring is pictures with the bunnies. Gordon's Photography http://www.gordon-photography.com/main.html partners with us every year to offer this great opportunity to both of our customers. It is so much fun and they do an amazing job. You get a 5X7 and 8 wallets for just $25.00. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us this weekend. I know they have a few openings left so give them a call.


This is another one of my favorites that stays in my Diaper Bag. It is a rubber place mat. The TinyDiner has suction cups on the bottom to help keep it in place. They work great on flat surfaces and glass but not so good on wooden tables or tables that have alot of texture. We put this down before we clip on Henry's Chicco Hook-On Chair. The hippo's help keep it in place. You can see a picture of the Hook-On Chair in an earlier post.

I know that when we are eating, Henry is eating off of a clean surface because I have provided it for him. He isn't eating off a table that has been wiped down with a dirty rag. The front piece catches food so it doesn't fall in his lap. It is too cute to watch him take that piece and flip it up on his mat to get more goodies out of it. (especially rice) When you are finished it roles up and slides into the bottom scoop and fits into your bag. This is a great gift and a very useful product!

Ooh La La Couture

Every little girl wants to be a princess. Well they used to at least. Now they need a little more excitement with their TuTu's. We have carried these dresses for a couple of seasons and they are so great. Emma has worn the "dog" out of hers. They are wash and wear. I don't iron anything so I am not going to get her a dress that I have to iron. They come right out of the dryer looking amazing. (keep it on delicate) We have them from 12-24 month with onesie's under the skirt and dresses from 2T-6X/7.

Monday, March 23, 2009

An Apple a Day

My sweet Henry now has 2 teeth...Sharp ones at that. Because Emma has had such a hard time with her teeth I know I need to start brushing those babies ASAP. It is never to early to teach your babies about good dental care. The best product to use is a silicon tooth brush. My favorite is the Raz-A Dazzle by Razbaby. It very inexpensive and it has an over insertion guard that keeps you from choking the baby. It is completely coated in silicon so it becomes almost like a teether. Henry chews all over his. I want him to get use to it and use to me using it in his mouth. This company has a bunch of really neat products. Check them out, but as always please shop locally.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Take a look around

As I was walking threw the store it occurred to me that some of you may have never been in to visit us. You might live to far away to get the opportunity. So hear are a couple of the latest pictures I have taken. I must say I am very proud. I have such an amazing staff. They are very talented. I may buy the goods but they make them look GOOD!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On The Road AGAIN?

I am off to market again. This time it is apparel. That is always a challenge and tons of fun. I just love seeing what the next season has in store for us. I will post pictures when I get home so you can get a sneak peak at what to expect for fall. Thanks for reading.

Boogie Wipes SAVE THE DAY

I have to admit when I had a customer come in and tell me about these, well....I laughed. I thought they would just be a quick gag item. Nothing substantial. WELL as usual I eat my words. Henry got a terrible cold. His nose ran and ran until I thought it might just fall completely off. And/or I was going to rub it off. I felt so guilty every time I would come at him with a Kleenex or heaven forbid a wipie. (Wipie's should never be used on a babies face!) The look he gave me was just pitiful.
After a few days I ran by the store to do some work and grabbed a package of boogie wipes. Hey what could it hurt. I LOVE THEM. Henry doesn't cry, jerk his head or anything. In fact they improved his complexion around his nose in no time at all. Not to mention they cut threw the boogies like no bodies business. I started giving them to all my friends as gifts. One of my girl friends (who's sons nose is always CRUSTY and NASTY) called me and said these things are like "boogie turpentine"
Within 2 weeks of putting them out at the store they were selling like crazy and we have re-orded about 5 times. I carry them in my bag, in the car and on every trip. There are 3 flavors now-original, grape, and menthol (for adults and older kids). Give them a try they are so worth it. Take it from a non-believer.

Monday, March 9, 2009


NINFRA is National Independent Nursery Furniture Retailer's Association. We have been members of this group for as long as I can remember. We are an association of over 100 independently owned juvenile products stores dedicated to value, service, and quality.The products that our retailers carry are generally a cut above what you'll find in mass-market stores. They look nicer. Perform better. And last longer.What's more, they're backed by seriously service-oriented people who can help you pick the best products for your needs, handle your special orders, and provide you with the customer service and attention to detail that you deserve.
The BBC is a Building Business Conference put on by NINFRA. We invite specific manufactures to meet and socialize with us for a couple of days. The purpose of this conference is to network and build relationships. My favorite part is speed dating. Each manufacture sits at a separate table and the retailers rotate. We spend 599 seconds (retail joke) together. We can discuss any issues we may be having, suggestions, and if we don't do business already then we have a chance to learn about each other. It is invaluable. The rest of our time is spent socializing. I have made so many connections at this event. I know that I will fill comfortable calling any of these manufactures and relating to them not only as a customer but also on a personal level. In fact today I called Chicco to ask for brochures to put in my customer information folders and for a Point of Purchase for a special they had coming up. As of this afternoon the brochures have shipped and my POP is being printed. WOW!!!
For the past couple of years we have planned the BBC in conjunction with the Kids Today Conference. NINFRA's conference is first and we hope that our membership will stay for the Kid's Today conference. I should mention that Kid's Today is an industry magazine. At this conference we had some amazing speakers. I learned so much. I was even inspired to start this blog by on of them. I was lucky enough to be able to bring Henry along with me.
Henry is an amazing baby. Is played in the floor. And was very very good.
This is my new favorite product. It is the Chicco TravelSeat Hook-On. It is so simple to use. It folds up into a shoulder bag and fits every table I have tried it on. We don't use high chairs anymore. I know he will out grow this but for now and for the next couple of months it is perfect. Henry was able to sit up in the high chairs but he wasn't tall enough to push up to the table. He had to reach up to get to his food and he could suck on the table just by leaning forward. YUCK!!! This chair lets him become a part of the family when we are out to eat. When we are traveling it is perfect. I can't take a high chair around with me. Sometimes I need to feed him in the hotel room, at a friends house, at a family members house, etc....the list goes on and on. These seats start at $39. Totally worth the money.
Here is a list of the places we have used it thus far. Chili's, Thai Orchid, Parkway, Magic Time Machine, McAlisters, Board Room Table, Chick Fil A, PF Changs, Don Jose, Macaroni Grill, Hotel Cont. Breakfast. I will let you know if I find a table that it wont work on.

Alise, Hudson,Jamie,& Miller

This afternoon as I was walking through the store I ran into my friend Alise and her son Hudson. Hudson is 10 weeks and such a cutie! He was sleeping soundly in his Chicco Keyfit car seat. The KeyFit car seat is a part of the Cortina System. Alise and I were discussing our 75% off sale and some of the things she had seen Henry in. I just happened to ask what she thought about the KeyFit seat. I hadn’t used it with Henry and it wasn’t available when Emma was born. The first thing out of her mouth was “I love it. It is my favorite thing! So easy to use it just clips right in every time.” Thanks Alise I really appreciate you letting me blog about a product that I know I like but haven’t been able to actually use.

Then just a minute later I met another customer. Jamie and her son Miller who is 7 months old, Miller was also riding in the Chicco Cortina System. Since I was already talking about the product I asked Jamie if she liked it. Her favorite thing about the Cortina System is that her husband, who is 6'6" can easily push it without stooping. The handle bar is adjustable to several different positions. Isn't Miller a Sweet Heart...LOVE THAT SMILE!!!

Thanks Ladies!!

So Excited!!

I am so excited to begin this mommy blog. I have wanted to begin one for quite a while. After attending the Kids Today Conference, I finally have the courage. I hope that this will be both an entertaining and informative resource for everyone. I have a unique view on baby products. My family has owned StorkLand for 30 years. We now have 3 locations (Wichita Falls, Tyler, and OKC) I have worked in the stores for 15 year and I do all of the buying for our stores. Our stores are different that any children's store out there. We carry clothing in sizes 0-16 for girls and 0-4T for boys. We carry nursery furniture, bedding, gift items, strollers, car seats. My list goes on and on. We are a one stop shop. I like to tell people they can buy everything they need for their baby here except the diapers and food.

I am also a mom of 3 beautiful children, 2 girls (Alex-11 and Emma-4)and 1 boy (Henry-8months). Running a one of a kind children's store as well as being a mommy who actually uses these products gives me a perspective unlike most. I hope you enjoy and find my information useful.