Friday, January 25, 2013

Chair from 5months to 99 -Keekaroo

This is the chair I got for Mr. H when we were done with our high chair.  (the only reason we used a high chair and not this from the beginning was I already had one from Ms. E.)  He is now 4 1/2 and still sits in it every day....for that matter is it "the" chair in our house...all the kids friends want to sit in that chair and Mr. H and Ms. E constantly fight over it.  In the mornings when there are 4 other available "big" chairs he still chooses to sit in this chair. 

We also use it as a step stool.  Mr. H LOVES to much so that when I tell him to stop growing so fast his classic response to "mama, I have to grow up so I can cook and drive by myself"  This little guys loves to cook with me.  We take our keekaroo and turn it so the back is up against the cabinets and he uses it as a step stool.  Well for that matter I use it as a step stool as well.  It is so much better than having to drag my kitchen stool out....This chair really is for a lifetime.  Who needs a high chair that you will use for 2 years when you can have a Keekaroo Right Height chair!!!

Oh and I forgot to mention the special pads...and tray.  The chair comes with the infant cushion and tray and when they out grow those you can purchase the comfort cushions in 6 different color choices. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag

January 2013: Beach Baby- "Moms can protect their resort totes from wet swimwear with large waterproof bags from Itzy Ritzy. The bag's sealed seams keep dampness and sand at bay and make traveling back from the cabana mess-free."

 It's a Fitness Sidekick:
For-outdoor gear, exercise gear, or adult accessories
Selling points:
- Stow clothes, towels, water bottles, and more in this washable bag. Keeps dirty and odors all zipped up.
- As seen in November 2012 Boston Globe as a Style Watch tool for the gym!
It's a Travel Accessory:   Use your Travel Happens with luggage, tote bags, or other on the go items
What a  Luggage saver: no more burst shampoo bottles ruining a bag of clothes! Sealed seams keep messes contained.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Giraffe

Yesterday we had the CUTEST little boy in the store.  He was just a smiling and talking...but started getting hungry.  His poor mama was trying to shop while leaning over the top of the stroller holding his bottle...she looked so uncomfortable.  Vikki and I saw a great opportunity to try out the new Baby Giraffe Spine and Clamp.  
This arm is so has a HEAVY duty clamp that will work on your stroller, carseat, shopping cart, high chair...etc...and I promise..I can barely clip it on so there is no way baby can get it off.  On the end of the arm is an adapter for 3 separate attachments: sunshade (included in your kit and it folds up just like the ones you use in your car into this neat little bag) , a mirror (for when you are driving so you can see what baby is doing when they are rear facing), and a loop for bottles or toys.  This arm can be manipulated into any angel or position.  
Our little man here was able to easily drink his bottle...and when he was done he just spit the nipple out.  Of course this mama went home with one....but I can't even tell you how handy the Baby Giraffe would have been for me.  Toys, Bottles, Sun shade, and many option.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Teddy Needs A Bath

This is the neatest new product.  It was just on SharkTank and got offers by 2 of the sharks.  Your baby's stuffed animals and lovies can be super dirty, covered with allergens and dust mites.  But how do you get your little one to give that Teddy a Bath and how can you be sure it will come out looking and feeling the same as before the wash?  That is where Teddy Needs a Bath comes in.  Used in conjunction with the cotton candy scented dryer sheets your baby will literally ask you to wash their favorite teddy.  The key is the cotton candy scented dryer sheets...once that smell fades they will want it back and ask you to re-wash their lovie.  You can wash those favorite toys with assurance that they will not be ruined!!!  


3 reasons why Teddy Needs a Bath! should be in your home.

#1 Health ~ We are "Pediatrician Recommended"!

The National Allergy Association recommends washing your child's/pet's stuffed toys once a month to prevent the spread of germs and dust mites. Studies have been done to show that washing a stuffed toy in hot water and then drying it in hot air effectively kills harmful bacteria and dust mites. Studies have also shown that exposing your children to dust mites at an early age can cause the onset of Asthma. Households have been over-looking stuffed animals when cleaning their homes and nurseries for centuries. Teddy Needs a Bath! aims to bring awareness to the importance of germ and dust free stuffed toys!

#2 The Environment

Now, more than ever, we are all aware of the negative effects we are having on this planet. Teddy Needs a Bath! is a great way to reduce the amount of toys being thrown out, facilitate the idea of reusing the toys we have, or washing them and recycling to a new owner. What a great way to give back to a person in need and the environment all at the same time :)

#3 Save Money

In the past, it may have seemed easier to just discard a dirty stuffed toy and replace it with a new one. But in these times of over-spending we have learned how to cut back on unnecessary purchases. Teddy Needs a Bath! makes toys look, feel and smell brand new, eliminating the need for new toys.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Brezza Perfect Temp Water Kettle.

This kettle holds 56 oz of water and heats it to the perfect 98 degrees.  Then it holds this temp consistently so your water is always ready for babies bottles. 

We have had several requests for similar products that were REALLY expensive.  This kettle is just $44.99.  I just love the idea of babies bottles being instantly ready.  No more waiting for water to heat more waiting for the bottle warmer....NO MORE WAITING!!!!  We only got 4 in so come grab yours first. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby K'tan SALE!!!

 Baby K'tan just announced that they are authorizing a 20% off sale January 10th-15th. You can get one of these fabulous carriers during the sale for just $39.96! Stop by and let us show you how easy babywearing can be. No long pieces of fabric to learn to wrap around your body.

Make sure to check out the latest color in Heather Grey!
  • Free matching sash included - sash converts to handy storage tote!
  • Easy to use! No wrapping or buckling.
  • Innovative double loop design - cross between a sling, wrap and structured carrier.
  • Built in back support band - second loop provides additional support and security.
  • Carries infants and toddlers in multiple positions, from 8-35 lbs.
  • Made of 100% soft natural cotton.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

30-50% OFF Fall and Winter Fashions

Just a quick note to let you know that all our Fall and Winter Fashions in Wichita Falls and Tyler are now 30-50% OFF.  This sale is not being advertised until Saturday so be sure and ask for your discount at the register. 
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