Monday, April 8, 2013

BK's Hair Ties

 A few months ago my bestie and I were talking and she told me about her daughter's new business.  "WAIT a minute...did you say business?"  Well to make a long story is their story. 
What do most 8 and 9 year olds do at a sleep over? Play games? Watch movies? For most yes, except for two special girls, Blair and Kensley. They came up with a plan to change the world.

They created a type of hair tie and headband which they creatively called BK's. They then came up with a logo, Facebook page and email. And with the support of their families, Kensley and Blair put their plan to action.

What’s their vision? It's simple. Make BK’s, sell them and donate the money to people in need. They then picked a different charity/organization for each month and are now racing toward their goal to change the world for the better.

Yes it was that simple. You see someone in need, you help them.

With your purchase and support, Blair and Kensley are changing the world $1 at a time.

How it works:

You purchase an assortment of hair ties and headbands.

$1 from each hair tie and $2 from each headband go toward the charity/organization of the month.

These to exceptional young ladies spend their free time working to change the world.  They are lead by great examples in their mama's.  I just couldn't be prouder of them. 

B and K...Annabeth is here supporting you every step of the way.  You both make my heart smile.  StorkLand and Kids Too is proud to announce that you can now help BK's Hair Ties change the world $1 at a time right here in Wichita Falls.  We have a jar of hair ties and headbands...hand made with love and commitment by B and K.  These girls have amazing taste and style.  You will love what they have selected for you. 


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